This messy new story is starting to fall into place, in my brain at least, if not yet on the page.

(maybe at the point to write a temporary blurb & throw it up on my website soon)

EDIT: a VERY loose/rough blurb is now on my website. You’ll notice there’s almost no mention of plot  as I’m not far enough into it to know that yet :p *forever-pantser*

So, where am I at?

Mostly it’s the idea(s)

Starting this post off with a weird admission:

I’ve never fallen in love.

I’ve grown to love many people, but I’ve never experienced that thing people talk about, an instant connection of sorts, a hyper-awareness, an overwhelming desire to be with/around that person (we use the word ‘fall’ for a reason) whether you consider that to be mix of chemicals flooding through the brain or something

…and boy, has this post been kicking my ass…

I’ve never spent so much time writing and re-writing a single blog post before… On-and-off I’ve been working on this since the middle of January, and this is the 5th time I’ve completely deleted/re-written everything because there are a lot of angles I could come at this from, and none of them really worked.

BUT, I promised someone I’d write

I think most writers are familiar with spots in a first draft where writing flows easily, and where it feels like you’ve taken a nude-dive into a patch of cacti and now have the tweezer-assisted task of removing each and every one of those prickly spines.

(uhm, yeah. sorry about that visual…)

Beginnings are like… well, they’re the most effortless part of writing for me. I get caught up in a

I know, I know, I’m a week late 🙂

Forgive me?

My right arm (the more dominant one) has been slightly ‘out’ of the rotary cuff for approximately 7 weeks, which makes typing quite painful, so I’ve been limiting my computering (yes, that is totally a word in my dictionary :p) to the essentials.

AAAAAAAAND, since my last post, there’s been a lot of essential computering 🙂

Today/this weekend I’m

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… I love Friday the 13th, and here’s my latest reason to love them:

Today, I signed on with Patricia Nelson of the Marsal Lyon Literary Agency.

Yes, that’s right.

No, no need to check your calendars. This isn’t an April Fools post.

Are you stunned? Yeah, me too. The past two weeks have been a little like living in a constant state of delirium (meant

This was the third time I’ve gone to this conference, and while I shy away from claiming anything is ‘the best’, I think this is the year I got the most pure enjoyment out of the experience.

My first year, SiWC 2013, was so overwhelming that I don’t think I retained a whole heck of a lot… other than the physical notes I took during the workshop and the ongoing friendship with a few local

Writing YA Fiction
Moderator: kc Dyer (writer)
Carrie Mac (writer), Kat Brzozowski (editor), Eileen Cook (writer)

KCD: Kat, what’s hot in the acquisitions world?

KB: Contemp YA is still hot, one coming out in January about a girl de-virgining the boys of her school called ‘Firsts’, so Contemps with a romance & strong voice are still really working.

KCD: If you were going to define the

Complex Conflicts
Sam Sykes

Trying to find the difference between a story that people read and forget, and a story that sticks with someone.

Conflicts aren’t plot, they are a test of our investment in the character/story

What does  conflict have to accomplish?

Lighter conflicts are simply a goal of getting from A-B

A complex conflict goes over several points, A-B-C, etc,

Just a small word before I post my panel notes, yes, I’m pretty darn good at typing fast and keeping up with people talking, but in a panel, often people start talking one after another and it’s a little harder to keep up. SOOOOO for my panel notes, the wording will be less exact and sometimes more of a summary/condensed version of what some people said… simply because there is limit to how