While I was gone to the NAEA Conference in New York City, I had to leave sub plans.  Well I found this activity for first grade on a cool place called Fantastic Fun and Learning (click here).  Thanks, Shaunna!
I had students use a very large sheet of paper. (Look below at the photo with a marker board marker)
They drew lines with sharpie.
The used watercolor to paint on top of the sharpie markers.
Here’s Johnny Cash with I Walk the Line.
Watercolor grids are awesome, but very hard for my 6th grade class.  I ran across this activity from A Faithful Attempt Click HERE to see post.  The post was super with great directions!  Thank you, A Faithful Attempt for an awesome project!
Okay, so here was my main problem.  I gave the kids a choice of what to draw.  I explained to the students that they needed to pick a fairly simple design.  I showed them my example.  I highly discouraged several very complicated drawings.  I had explained the many problems with a complicated drawing.  Some refused to take the easier route on this project.  They were heck, bent, and determined to make it work.  As you may surmise, most of the kids that chose the more complicated and detailed designs had more trouble completing the task.  I tell you, sometimes you just got to let them figure stuff out.  
The four below have good art sense.  They know their limitations and they are planners.  Wow, look how their art smarts worked in their favor.  LOVE!
Day 1-Make a 1 inch by 1 inch grid on your sheet of paper; Measure the lines with a ruler in one direction.  Then measure out the lines with the ruler in the other direction.  You should have a nice straight grid.

Day 2-Draw a design on top- I encourage fairly simple shapes (or a shape) that filled the paper nicely.

Day 3 and Day 4-Do you want to use warm colors for the background or cool colors for the background?
Do you want to use warm colors for the drawing or cool colors for the drawing?
*Hints:  Make sure you add lots of water when using watercolors.
Move around on the paper.  Do not work on squares side-by-side as you run the risk of colors bleeding into each other and making brown (yuck)

I heard this band, Kaleo, singing “Way Down We Go” while the kids were doing this project.  I kinda feel like the song sums up the feeling of some kids feelings while trying to push through and finish the project.  As I have said before, the devil is in the details.  Hey, watch out for the details!

We have posted on Hundertwasser in the past.  Click HERE for previous post. 
I wanted to do some landscapes and perspective drawing with my 8th graders.  After several days of thought, I came to the conclusion that I could do both on the same project. 
We discussed perspective drawing and practiced for several days.
Then, I gave the basic landscape review.
The kids drew.
The kids painted with watercolor.
The kids outlined with a sharpie.

I really was impressed with the results.

There are a total of forty-four “I“s and eyes on this post. 
Here’s a song about Bette Davis’ Eyes by Kim Carnes.
I ran across this website:
Have you ever heard of The Imagination Box? If not, look up Diane Pagan on social media. She has some really cool ideas to share on her PLN.
 Teachers Pay Teachers
I ran across this worksheet below and decided to do a mini lesson with my middle schoolers to see just what they would produce. The Toucans were a hoot! Loved them. Each one was very unique and had an individual personality. They used:
Drawing Paper 9×12
Sax Water Color – Liquid
Prang Watercolor
Oil Pastels
*mixed media
Hope you too are Soaring into 2017 with our CrEaTiViTy!

Happy Christmas Break! Yes, we all made it! This lesson was done when we were down to one day lessons before exams. Kids used markers, sharpies, watercolor, oil pastels, white paper. Kids just got real creative and gave each bird a personality that represented their feelings of that particular day on that art class. I think they are a hoot!
Zentangle Circles and Watercolor!  A great project to start of the school year in 5th Grade.  After summer vacation, it is hard to get back in the swing of moving a paintbrush around on the paper. 
The kids used various sizes of templates to trace circles.
The kids did zentangle type patterns on the circles.
The kids painted with watercolor.

Easy project!  Easy like Sunday Morning!


Don’t you just love Jessie from Toy Story?  She is one of my favorites.  This cool watercolor painting is also one of my favorites.  The details are pretty amazing.
So how did this project come to be?  Well, I just happened to see this picture hanging in my house.  I thought that it would make a good project for 8th grade.  I was interested in incorporating some two point perspective in the 8th Grade project.   Also, I always like to talk about Georgia folk artist, Howard Finster.  Click HERE for more posts on Howard Finster.  I chose to focus on two point perspective rather than the folk art aspect..
I spent a few days reviewing two point perspective.

I explained to the students that we were not doing a folk art lesson, but we were focusing on an idea similar to the one that Howard Finster had in his Mickey Mouse painting.  I did require them to do at least one building in two point perspective. 

The students picked out a cartoon character for their painting.
I had them get the landscape drawn.
Then, they traced their cartoon character on the light table.
Just to switch things up, we painted with watercolor.  I think acrylic would have been a better choice.

Here are the results.

I found this tidbit of information interesting.  Keith Haring, famous pop artist, was known for visiting Howard Finster’s Paradise Garden often to get inspiration.  He gave Howard the sculpture below.  Look closely at the bottom of the sculpture.  It appears to be a collaborative piece with Finster’s Coke bottles on the bottom.
Here is a great video discussing Howard Finster and his art.  Thanks to Dan Traveling for sharing on YouTube.  In the video, you will see the Keith Haring sculpture at 3:59.