I am glad these kites are now flying in Vincent Van Gogh’s sky, because it was one of those projects that almost did not happen.
Ever have a creative block?  Well, I was having one when this project went down.  Seriously, the first graders were on their way to art and I had no idea what they would be doing.  I know, that is terrible.  I know, that is not being a good planner.  Occasionally, I pull this kind of mess…and Occasionally, I PULL IT OFF! 
When the kids arrived, I had them paint swirls.  They loved it!  I had some good premixed tempera colors.  I provided them the plates.  I poured a little white.  They mixed.  They painted with swirls!  
For their next visit, I was a bit more prepared.  I got out some painted paper that was left over from a seasoned ladies paint night.  (Click here for that post)  Oh yeah, Laura Lohmann from Painted Paper Art Blog, you going to love this painted paper project!
The kids drew their kite shapes on back of the painted paper.  I really just let them run wild on this part of the project.
Then, the kids cut out their kites.
They grabbed some painted paper scraps.
They used the painted paper scraps to decorate their kites.
I had bucks of fabric cut.  Oh yeah, I CAN and DO get prepared, sometimes.
Once they got their tails made, I hot glued the tail to the kite.
Oh, boy!  The kites are now ready to fly on the walls in our hall!
The kite below is a boat kite.
The kite pictured below looks like a Picasso kite.
How about a clown kite?
I said, “Caleb, what kind of kite did you make?” He said, “An underwear kite.”😂
The kites are gonna fly like Eagles!  
Here’s The Steve Miller Band singing “Fly Like an Eagle.”
I have been taking guitar lessons for a year and a half. The guitar playing is pretty dang amazing to this little amateur.
The third grade class planted sunflowers in the fall.  I decided to do a clay sunflower project to go along with the classroom lesson.  The sunflowers look amazing in person.  I sure wish one of my kids was a third grader.
I had the slabs precut.
I discussed slipping and scoring clay.
The kids designed the sunflower.
I fired the sunflower. 
The kids used acrylic paint to finish the sunflower.

Everyone loves sunflowers.  I think they are the “power flower”.  In art, Van Gogh made them a “thing”.  Photographers love them as a subject.  Baseball players love to eat the sunflowers in a dugout.
Here’s Glen Campbell singing about Sunflowers back in 1982.
Third Grade Scarecrows were a great fall project.  The students had been studying sunflowers, so we did a project and included a sunflower.  Also, I was able to talk just a wee, little bit about Van Gogh’s sunflowers.  Hey, I sneak the artists in wherever I can.

I talked a little about Vincent Van Gogh’s sunflowers.
Then, I got kids to draw a scarecrow and include sunflowers in the drawing.
The kids painted with tempera.
The kids outlined with sharpie.
Scarecrows are used to discourage birds such as crows or sparrows from feeding on seed or growing crops.

Crows?  Did I mention Crows?
What about The Black Crowes?
The Black Crows were a band (1989-2015).  The band began in 1989, in Marietta, Georgia.  Where did the name of the band come from?  The first name of the band, “Mr. Crowe’s Garden,” was named after Leonard Leslie Brooke’s children’s book, Johnny Crow’s Garden, written in 1903.
Leonard Leslie Brooke was a children’s book illustrator of pen and ink line drawings and watercolors.  

As usual, just finding a way to connect art and music.  

Here is The Black Crowe’s singing “Remedy”.
For this 7th Grade project, I had the kids combine the old with the new.  They were required to incorporated James Rizzi Art with Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”.  The project was quite involved, but I was very pleased with the results.  


I talked a little about James Rizzi.  We have posted on him before click here James Rizzi Post.  Also, I showed a video on Rizzi Art.  Click here for James Rizzi Video
Then, I talked about  Vincent Van Gogh and Starry Night.  We have posted on Van Gogh many times.  Click here for previous Van Gogh posts.  I found a cool interactive video.  Click here for Van Gogh Interactive Video on Youtube by xldear23. 

I gave a refresher course on one point perspective.  

Then, I told the students to draw a city using one point perspective.
I told them to use James Rizzi Style buildings.
Also, they had to have a Day or Night Sky in the Vincent Van Gogh “Starry Night” style.

They drew with pencil, outlined with sharpie, painted with watercolor, and outlined with sharpie again.

Have a look at the results!
Yes, this was a C O M P L I C A T E D  project.  Here’s “Complicated” that was released by Avril Lavigne in 2002.

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