I just love the rich watercolor in the background. For full details on how to create this lesson see link below.

http://2soulsisters.blogspot.com/2017/03/how-to-draw-3d-valentine-hearts.html Have posted on this earlier this month. The lesson was such a success that I wanted to share all of the hearts that I could on the blog for everyone to see!

I hope you feel inspired by these hearts because I know I was =) 1969

These were super fun to create with my classes and they were able to eat their subjects. Ha! You gotta love that added bonus. Cassie Stephens did a fabulous job on her video that she shared on YouTube. We watched it and then got to work on our own 3D hearts.
We used 12 x 18 white drawing paper, water color, baby oil, Qtips & oil pastels. Watch the video. It is great and will help to explain the details to your kiddos.
I got tickled at some of the words that the kids chose to write on their hearts.
Some didn’t want to write words and that was OK too!
Sax Liquid Watercolor in the bottles gave a rich feeling to the backgrounds.
Baby Oil was really cool in blending the oil pastels.
This lesson was a huge success for all involved.

Thanks for dropping by…And a huge thank you to Cassie for posting such a great video!
Cassie, if you are reading this…we are trying to get our act together and make a Soul Sister Road trip to Art Scouts this summer! to be continued…. 1969

This lesson was so successful that I wanted to share in 2 post. My kiddos did a great job and I wanted to share as many examples as I could. See my Tuesday post below:
This was the most creative Heart pinch pot! It is a dinosaur. Pretty clever
Other clay heart lessons that we have taught:
Enjoy! 1969

 We used white low fire clay
Gave the kids a handful
Demo on how to make a pinch pot
Showed examples
Molded it into a heart
Some added textures with stamps
Fired at 04 slow from greenware to bisque
Glazed with Stroke n Coat
Fired at 06 fast

Happy Valentine’s Day, 2017
The day that I got back from Christmas break, my boss lady came to me with a desperate plea.  She needed help hosting 20 ladies in her social club, the Idaka ladies.  She wanted to do an art related event.  She wanted the ladies to do some art that they could take out and share with the community.  So, we turned the lava lights on, the Tom Jones on, and the laughter on.  A fun night was had by all!
To keep the ladies entertained with a reasonable activity, I decided to make door hangers or ornaments (call them whatever you want).  The thought of 20 ladies doing a painting in the art room at 7:00 PM just did not seem like the best idea.  I felt like their inner Jackson Pollocks would surface and SPLATTER all over my room.  The thought of cleaning up an art room at midnight just does not appeal to me at all.
I did the prep work.  I painted lots of paper.  I prefer the assembly line method of painting paper.  It is very therapeutic.  Try it sometime!
I trimmed the paper to more manageable sizes for the ladies.
I provided some stencil like the heart cookie cutter you see below.
The ladies designed their art.
Then, they attached wire and beads to their art.
 The ladies were mild-mannered and then, I played a Tom Jones song.  I do believe some of these ladies were at this Tom Jones concert back in 1974.  If not, they could have been.  
Always remember, MUSIC is boss.  Everybody is on the same page with at least one song.  Find the song, folks.
When was the last time you finger-painted? Well, my middle school kids told me the last time they did something like this was in PK or K. I started the lesson by showing an Iris Scott video clip. We disused that she used oils. We were going to use tempera / acrylic paint and no gloves.
I have donated matt board in my room, so I decided we would use this for the paper as it was a little more sturdy. You could use any size paper but the thicker the better. So, look for some heavier weighted paper.
I poured up several painter’s palettes for the kids to use. They needed to put their name on the backs. We did need extra paper towels for this lesson. We watched the video and I told the students to keep within a Valentines theme.
My classes were so quiet all day long doing this lesson. It is my favorite lesson so far this year. Everyone was successful.
I hope you all will give this a try! We loved this lesson. The results are full of rich color.
Published on Dec 18, 2015

Learn how to finger paint with oils in 30 minutes. Iris Scott, a professional fingerpainting artist in Brooklyn has taken this technique to a whole new level. With simple to follow steps, Iris guides the beginner through easy instruction that anyone can do. Fingerpaintings are best made with thick oil texture, you’ll learn, and by investing in some quality oils by Holbein Duo you can make this vibrant little koi scene. This first video of many more to come is Iris’ way of spreading the joy of finger painting with as many people as she can. Art therapy, finger painting with fancy oils is good for the soul. You’ll need 11 colors, a canvas, gloves, and a table top. Link to the complete materials kit found here: http://www.artistcraftsman.com/iris-scott-kit.html

It’s February and lots of folks thinking about hearts and L O V E!  The 5th Grade Art Club made these cool hearts and a BIG MESS!  As an art teacher, I do not have a problem with messy.  But, this splatter paint mess was a TOP 10 mess.  Less of a mess is always best. It keeps you in good with the school cleaning crew. 
Talk about Jackson Pollock.
Paint the background paper with light purple and light green.
Paint the heart with red, purple, blue and red with acrylic.
Then, splatter carefully. (or not!)
So, this post is about love.  I remembered a song by Donny Osmond called “Puppy Love”.  I have been wanting a puppy that looks like this:
I have a case of puppy love.  I am so in love with this blue roan cocker spaniel.  I have already named her, Bertie.  Maybe one day…
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