2 weeks ago I was walking down the hallway at Maclay School and I passed these portraits of our past Presidents. I was very impressed with this particular lesson as a grid lesson is a tough one to teach. I was thrilled to see this being taught in our lower school because this will help these students have a deeper understanding of this process when they get to Middle and Upper School Art at Maclay. Way to go 5th grade teachers for introducing this lesson in Social Studies.
Mrs. Sweeney, Mrs. Sims and Mrs. Ferraro always have their students involved in hands on engaging lessons. I should know. You ask, why? Well, each morning I cut through the lower school building to get to my Middle School Art Room. Sometimes I make this journey with our US Art Teacher, Ms. Maurey and we find ourselves on many occasions discussing the art in the hallways of Lower School at Maclay!
Once I saw these, I knew I wanted to do a blog post on them. I asked and received permission from the teachers. Thanks, guys! They are just too good not to share with others to inspire them for future lessons.
Resources for how to make a grid drawing:
Where can you  purchase this lesson? Well, I found it on this link below at Teachers Pay Teachers.

Students create a 12×18 patriotic portrait using the grid technique. There are prepared source images for every president, name labels for the finished portraits, examples, viewfinder tools, and; templates to help with the designs. Recently updated with brand new illustrations of the presidents. 59 pages. PDF format.
 See a different approach to the subject matter on this link Presidents Mystery Grid Bundle.

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How to set up a successful grid drawing can be found at the link below:
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My personal favorite funky portraits of our Presidents:
Nothing like a Penley, Warhol or Max Presidential Portrait! I do believe Penley is my all time favorite.
If you need more details on how to explain the Grid Method see the Youtube clips below:

I am so blessed to work at a school where the Arts aren’t hidden and they are used in cross curricular project based lessons. Thanks 5th grade teachers for letting me share your student art! I think these are way super fabulous just like you guys…1969

Run Run Rudolph was a great lesson. It was pretty simple and straight forward because I used this reference: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Christmas-Art-Activity-and-Lesson-Plan-for-Kids-Red-Nosed-Reindeer-Winter-1615469
You can find more art by Claudia Loubier here:
You guys know how it gets this time of year and sometime it is nice to just have a go too lesson for good ole art education fun!
I think the reindeer turned out really well and they all have their own unique personality with many individualized details.
The watercolor resist sky is always one of my favorites!
This one did a fantastic job of smudging the oil pastels.
Such cool detail with the black snow flake effect.
Other reindeer lessons can be found in the links below:
How to draw a reindeer links are located below:
Thanks for stopping by and check out our other Christmas Art Lessons that we have used in our classrooms. They have all been very successful lessons to teach.
Merry Merry….1969

This lesson was well received by the whole school. I had photos of our Head of School from our webpage. The students learned about Picasso and how to make the face have 2 angles. A good resource was Teachers Pay Teachers https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Art-Lesson-Picasso-Face-Roll-and-Draw-Sheets-595660

We also searched Art Ed Blogs for many resources 

12×18 Large piece of watercolor paper. Tag board works too
Watercolor paint (Sax Liquid Watercolor)

The results were fabulous. These were made into note cards for our Maclay School’s Headmaster to use.

Enjoy – 1969

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