This lesson was so successful that I wanted to share in 2 post. My kiddos did a great job and I wanted to share as many examples as I could. See my Tuesday post below:
This was the most creative Heart pinch pot! It is a dinosaur. Pretty clever
Other clay heart lessons that we have taught:
Enjoy! 1969

 We used white low fire clay
Gave the kids a handful
Demo on how to make a pinch pot
Showed examples
Molded it into a heart
Some added textures with stamps
Fired at 04 slow from greenware to bisque
Glazed with Stroke n Coat
Fired at 06 fast

Happy Valentine’s Day, 2017
I thought these were so cool that I knew I had to share them on the blog. Cathy Hicks did a great job with her kiddos on this clay unit. See here for last year’s lesson:

Cathy, lower school art teacher, worked with 4th grade on a cross curricular unit that involved the study of leaves for the state of Florida. The kids study the lesson in class. Went to art and were able to create the leaves in clay using white low fire clay and Stroke n Coat green glazes. Some students opted to use the slabs and create textured impressions. They turned out fabulous and I wanted to share with other art teachers. I sure am lucky to have such and awesome Visual Arts Team.