I am glad these kites are now flying in Vincent Van Gogh’s sky, because it was one of those projects that almost did not happen.
Ever have a creative block?  Well, I was having one when this project went down.  Seriously, the first graders were on their way to art and I had no idea what they would be doing.  I know, that is terrible.  I know, that is not being a good planner.  Occasionally, I pull this kind of mess…and Occasionally, I PULL IT OFF! 
When the kids arrived, I had them paint swirls.  They loved it!  I had some good premixed tempera colors.  I provided them the plates.  I poured a little white.  They mixed.  They painted with swirls!  
For their next visit, I was a bit more prepared.  I got out some painted paper that was left over from a seasoned ladies paint night.  (Click here for that post)  Oh yeah, Laura Lohmann from Painted Paper Art Blog, you going to love this painted paper project!
The kids drew their kite shapes on back of the painted paper.  I really just let them run wild on this part of the project.
Then, the kids cut out their kites.
They grabbed some painted paper scraps.
They used the painted paper scraps to decorate their kites.
I had bucks of fabric cut.  Oh yeah, I CAN and DO get prepared, sometimes.
Once they got their tails made, I hot glued the tail to the kite.
Oh, boy!  The kites are now ready to fly on the walls in our hall!
The kite below is a boat kite.
The kite pictured below looks like a Picasso kite.
How about a clown kite?
I said, “Caleb, what kind of kite did you make?” He said, “An underwear kite.”😂
The kites are gonna fly like Eagles!  
Here’s The Steve Miller Band singing “Fly Like an Eagle.”
I have been taking guitar lessons for a year and a half. The guitar playing is pretty dang amazing to this little amateur.
Third Graders sprung into Spring using tissue paper and black paint!
I did a little prep work by cutting tissue paper into squares.
Then, the kids used Modge Podge to attach the tissue paper to 13 x 13 paper square.
The following week, the kids used black tempera and painted butterflies on their tissue paper works of art.
Let your eyes fly over these pretty butterflies!
Isabelle?  Hey, she has the art thing going on.  You art teachers know what I am talking about.
Check out June and Johnny singing “I’ll Fly Away”
Oh, no! Our birds are losing their feathers!  

To get this party started, I showed the following video to the first graders.  
Kids drew birds with me giving basic instructions..
Kids added details.
Kids outlined with a sharpie.
Kids painted with tempera paint.
We glued the feathers the color of the bird to the paper.  Kids loved using feathers and thought it was fun to have a feather falling off the bird.  Not every feather was the exact color, but is every feather on a bird the same color?

Cute, huh?
There are 12 birds here.  I do not particularly like even numbers.  I prefer odd numbers, like 3.  Ever heard Bob Marley sing “Three Little Birds?” This video has over 18 million views.  Crazy, huh?
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