Well, we had a chance of snow in Georgia, but it did not snow.  😢  With a sad class, I decided that we would make our own snow and snowmen in Art!  The first graders were pretty darn excited.
The kids painted snow on light blue construction paper.
The kids painted a snowman shape on the paper.
The following week, the kids used oil pastels to put hats and other decorations on their snowmen.
The way I look at it, the first graders got 2 days of snow.  Sure, it was in art, but they still had lots of fun making their snowmen.

If you lived in Georgia, you would understand the excitement when the weatherman says it is going to snow.  The word “snow” almost closes down schools.  The kids are excited.  The parents are excited and run to the grocery store.  I am not lying, folks.  Do not make fun of us.  We do not get snow but maybe every 5 years.  When we do get snow, it is only about 2 inches, if we are lucky.  It is okay, though.  I like my state.  I can be in the mountains in 3 hours or at the beach in 3 hours.  It’s a cool place to live. (Not cool enough for snow, apparently.😂)
I am ending with The Rolling Stones, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”.
I told my students, “Students, this is not a Christmas snowman.”  You see, I figured the teachers wanted some cool winter project for their room in January.  Get it, Cool?  Anyway, I had the third graders  do these in one class period 3 days before Christmas break.  Folks, this is an easy and low maintenance project.
Kids drew with a pencil where they wanted their snowman.
Kids sponge painted the snowman.
Kids took a break and played checkers and drew on the marker board.
Kids came back and finished up their snowman with some color.
Love it!

The snowman below just cracks me up.  This kid is new this year. I just love him and his happy spirit.  Just look how free and fun this art is!  I taught with his grandmother, Beck-Beck for years.  His aunt, Brandi Reddick, is quite famous in the art world.  Have a look at her info Click Here!  Brandi would be impressed with this fun snowman!  We named it “Snowman in A Blizzard”.  Abstract, fun, and flowing!

Oh yeah, Baby, It’s Cold Outside.  Here’s Michael Buble and Miss Piggy!
Each year at different times during the school year I find it so much fun to teach a lesson on snowpeople and watercolors. So do a lot of other art teachers! I ran across many Art Education Blog post on this very lesson. Take a look when you have a chance because it might spark something fun just for your classroom and kiddos!
See some links below:
Each student was given the same information
White Paper
Need 1 Snow Person
What will be in your background….(brainstorming ideas and mediums)
What perspective will your snowman be in
Draw in pencil
Outline with black sharpie
Take a non permanent marker and trace the snowman
Use paint brush to let the paint smear / run /  blend
Be sure to add details: scarf, hat, mittens, arms, facial features…etc
Some even wanted to use the salt technique for the background.
Others wanted a crayon resist effect behind the snowman.
You see, each kid was given the same directions and none of the snowmen are alike. They are all unique and different. Each one has it’s own personality.
Some students had paper horizontal and others were vertical.
I love lessons like these that let kids be kids and create and build on past units.
Every kid was successful….thanks for dropping by ~ 1969

We have blogged on Fusing Glass with Middle Schoolers before:
Reference Snowman Art
Glass Co-efficient of 90
Glass supplies
Elmers Glue
Glass Kiln
Kiln Wash
Watch video: I fuse at R3 
Plan ahead and get cracking on those Winter Art Lessons

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