The third grade class planted sunflowers in the fall.  I decided to do a clay sunflower project to go along with the classroom lesson.  The sunflowers look amazing in person.  I sure wish one of my kids was a third grader.
I had the slabs precut.
I discussed slipping and scoring clay.
The kids designed the sunflower.
I fired the sunflower. 
The kids used acrylic paint to finish the sunflower.

Everyone loves sunflowers.  I think they are the “power flower”.  In art, Van Gogh made them a “thing”.  Photographers love them as a subject.  Baseball players love to eat the sunflowers in a dugout.
Here’s Glen Campbell singing about Sunflowers back in 1982.
I thought these were so cool that I knew I had to share them on the blog. Cathy Hicks did a great job with her kiddos on this clay unit. See here for last year’s lesson:

Cathy, lower school art teacher, worked with 4th grade on a cross curricular unit that involved the study of leaves for the state of Florida. The kids study the lesson in class. Went to art and were able to create the leaves in clay using white low fire clay and Stroke n Coat green glazes. Some students opted to use the slabs and create textured impressions. They turned out fabulous and I wanted to share with other art teachers. I sure am lucky to have such and awesome Visual Arts Team.