Happy!  First Graders at The Westfield School are happy because they learned a little about drawing a self portrait.
I did a little prep work.  I looked up happy t-shirts and found this cute t-shirt.  I copied the shirt and put it in a word document.  Then, I printed out the size that I wanted.  Then, I cut out the shirt and pasted to a sheet of paper.  I drew in the arms and the neck.
The kids?
I talked to them about drawing a self portrait.  We spent a good bit of time examining each others’ faces.  I explained where the eyes, the nose, mouth, and ears were located on the face.  The kids drew themselves.
They colored with crayons.
I mounted on a sheet of paper and wrote “Happy” and then, their names.
Have a look!
Here is Maroon 5 doing Pharrell’s “Happy”
In the first month of school, I was struggling with a project that I liked for first grade.  After discussing this problem with my teacher friend, Laura Harrison, she had a suggestion.  Laura said, “Why don’t you get kids to draw a self portrait with them saying something about first grade?  She said, You can have them holding a sign.”  I jumped on this idea.  There is nothing better than having a great co-worker to bounce ideas back and forth with in a crunch!


I cut a rather large sheet of paper.
I drew a rectangle on each paper.
When the kids arrived, I explained the project idea.
I had them draw themselves holding the sign.
The kids painted with tempera cakes.
Here is a funny.  One of the little girls had to go to the restroom.  I guess she could not remember my name.  She says, “Mrs. Artica, may I go the the restroom?”  I cracked up.  I told that sweet child, “That’s not my name.  I am Mrs. Ray.”  

Hey, at least she did have the word Art in my name.

You gotta love those fun first graders!

Here is a perfect song for this post by The Ting Tings.

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