Does this post sound familiar?  Last week, I posted “The Girl and The Guitar Gift.” (Check out The Girl’s Guitar Gift HERE)  I decided to take a spin off that title by using “The Boy and the Guitar Gift.”

Ever seen a guitar made out of a cigar box?  Well, here you go.  My son made this cool guitar for his dad for Christmas.  So how did he do it?
He locked himself in his room for a day.  He sanded and sawed (yes, in his bedroom!).  He glued.  He used tung oil to finish.
Check this video out for more detailed instructions The Easiest Way to Make A Cigar Box Guitar.

Here is the “Grand Opening”.

I love this picture with Rob’s big smile as Dad sees the guitar.

I have a few more pics with some details below.

As usual, I kind of messed up something.  Rob needed a cigar box.  We had one on our coffee table.  The cigar box was empty and just sitting there collecting dust.  I suggested he use the cigar box.  He did.  So, what’s the problem?  The cigar box was given to us with cigars when our daughter was born 20+ years ago.  Oops.

Why did Rob make this for his dad?  I have no idea.  Obviously, Rob has a desire to create and make things.  He makes music, lots.  Recently, the “art thing” has begun to evolve.

Rob making this guitar for his dad made his dad real happy.  Rob making art for his dad made his mom real happy.  It was a Happy Christmas at the Ray house. 

Then, we went to Minnesota ice fishing…But that is a story for another day!
Cold, I tell you.  Happy, but cold as ice.
Look at this cool guitar shelf!  Oh boy, I just love it…My son’s girl, Anna, made the guitar and gave it to Rob for Christmas.  You see, Rob is a guitar player and an artist. Check out these links to see some Rob Art.
Rob Art for Dad
Rob Art for Mom
This guitar was just the perfect gift for Rob, folks!
Here is a closer look.  The mosaic you see is broken painted records.  Nice, huh? 

These two kids have been hanging out for a few seasons.  They met at Winshape Camp in Rome, Georgia.  WinShape Camps is where thousands of campers come together each year to experience life-changing awesomeness! Created by the founder of Chick-fil-A™.  These camp counselors came together and been together ever since.

I just love handmade gifts.  They are the best.  When you give something that you made away, it is more than just a gift.  A DIY gift is a part of you that is shared with another and no one else.  Nothing better, I tell you.
Rob shares his artistic side with his music.  Here is Rob singing his song “Bulletproof” at a coffee shop in Macon, GA.
Oh yeah, one more thing.  Happy Birthday, Rob!
Love, Mom (1965)
Last October, my family gave me a red electric guitar for my 50th Birthday.  Also, they gave me guitar lessons.  It is a year later and YES, I am still taking lessons.  I practice almost every day.  I am almost done with Book 2.  So, you can give me a cookie.

I have made an observation over the years.  Once you get a guitar, you want another.  Yes, I did want another and I did want an acoustic guitar.  I mentioned the “want” to my kids.  On my birthday, my son came in the house with a Winshape Camp blanket wrapped around a something. Rob was grinning and said that I should open the blanket.   I opened the blanket and FOUND THIS AMAZING GUITAR.  Wow, this was special on so many levels.

You see, Rob, is a very good guitarist.  The guitar is where the creative blood flows out of Rob.  He never took an interest in drawing or painting.  Sure, he enjoyed doing art, but he just never got hooked.  

So, how did he do it?  Well, he got a guitar.  He got Sharpies.  He drew amazing designs on the guitar.  Seriously, I have never seen Rob put together designs and colors.  Without question, he has natural talent.  What a happy mom I was!  My boy made art for me.  He stepped out of his musical creative state into my visual creative state.  

I have been strumming at some Georgia Bulldog tailgates.  Our tailgates last 8 hours +.  I am just trying to work on those basic chords so maybe I can have a really good jam session with Rob during Thanksgiving break.  I think he enjoys seeing me progress in his guitar world. 

You may ask, how did Rob get interested in guitar?  Well, I signed him up for running, guitar, and tennis lessons.  The running and guitar stuck.  The tennis, not so much.  I did a post on Rob’s running awhile ago.  Have a look HERE. The Arts are a great place for creative folks.  If you know someone that has that creative “thing”, and yes, it is a thing, show them the way.  

Happiness is….Finding your Thing….

Do what you love and love what you do.

There are lots of guest appearances in this video.  Haha.