My friend, Renee is at it again. Aren’t these way super cool book marks. She sent me some awesome photos of her kiddos work. I had to share with you all. Check out the YouTube video at the end for more details. Thanks, Renee for sharing these. I think they are amazing! Love how you always seem to integrate art in every lesson you teach in your curriculum. Much love to you for being Mary Frances’ 3rd grade teacher – mentor and advocate! 1969

When you have a best teacher friend that follows your blog and gets inspired to do some of the ideas in her own classroom….ahhhh that is quite a good feeling! This was one of those post that my friend, Renee, chose to use as a tool in her classroom too. I think her kiddos did a great job. They thought Kristina Kuzmic’s video was on point! Crazy how something so simple can be that powerful.
My daughter had Renee as a 3rd grade teacher. She was just awesome. She had her pulse on many items in her classroom. The kids flourished in that environment. You see Renee is that teacher that is still teaching my daughter. They had a special connection and as we were applying to college and getting all of that jazz lined up…who was there to proof our college essay? Yes, Renee! (and, Jeff too)
2 weeks ago I wrote a post on this topic. I contacted Kristina via Facebook. She shared our post on her Facebook page. Do you know how many of you have visited that particular blog post? Guess… Well, as I am typing we are at 13,200! Yes, in a 2 week span. Can you believe that? Here is the link below: 
I think with that much traffic coming our way on this blog that it must mean that their is a need to discuss topics like bullying, mean girls and character education. What do you think? Well, Renee does a great job on integrating art into all of her lessons. It is such a smooth transition that the kids don’t have any idea they are learning. They think they are having fun. Now, if you can pull that off in the classroom in this day in time you have a true calling for teaching.
Have you ever watched Kristina Kuzmic’s videos on YouTube? If not, check them out. They will make you giggle. she has the true gift of gab and I love to see it.

Have you ever watched this video? Oh my….love that these boys stood up for what was right!

This one I just had to share…It will make you laugh. As a 26 year veteran teacher, I laughed really hard at this video. Sarcasm at it’s best! If you want to watch the original “You Are The BBQ Sauce” video see my post link above.
Thanks, Renee for sharing your kids art with me. I am sure the Kuzmic family would be impressed to  know just how many families lives they are touching and making a difference with just that catch phrase of “You Are The BBQ Sauce!” – Enjoy, 1969
Are these not the cutest deer you have ever seen? My good friend, Renee, uses our art blog for references to teach cross curricular activities in her 2nd grade class. I can’t quite explain our friendship but I can say it has been a wild ride over the years =)
Last year, 1965 posted this lesson here:
Renee was looking for something artsy to do with her 2nd grade and follow up with a writing activity for her bulletin board and the second part of this “Deer” unit.
Catch phrase…just what is this deer thinking?
What to buy at the grocery store? or maybe… What time the Pep Rally starts.
Is he flipping channels waiting on the next Hallmark movie to come on TV?
Check out the facial expression here on this deer…
Hangry? Confused? Baffled?
CRACKS me up and oh what a fun writing lesson this will be on these deer.
A little Right Brain
A little Left Brain
12 x 18 white drawing paper
Paint…watercolor or Tempera
Water bowls
Paint brushes
Reference photos
*Discussion of detail of a deer: antlers, eyes, nose, mouth, etc…
I was in the midst of clean up after teaching my 6th grade art class yesterday and I got a text from “Dear Friend, Renee” – it was some what of an SOS. 
Renee: Hey, my kids want to paint the antlers beige. I don’t have beige watercolor…what do I do?
1969: Water down the brown… a lot
You see our friendship just works. No questions asked. It just works. Point blank. End of story. She ask me specific questions about art lessons at random times and I reciprocate the questions on many other topics on any given day at any given time.
We speak our own language that only a few understand. The main thing we do is share ideas and brain storm with one another. When you find a teacher friend that is a real friend and you can share with it just makes your job so much fun. I think that is one reason 1965 and I have blogged since 2010. It is because we get to share with one another and connect with other art teachers and future art teachers via this blog.
Here is another link to a similar lesson:
introduced this project to her second grade by reading the book “Mooseltoe”.  They used 18×24 white paper (when making something as large as a moose you go big or go home! 🙂 tempera paint,  watercolor paint, oil pastels, glitter, and permanent markers.  The kids were so excited about the the size and loved how they turned out.   Visit the link above to check them out..super cute!
So, when was the last time you tried to draw a deer?
Bust out a pencil and give it a whirl. This type of activity is good for the soul.
One last link to share…check it out 
Tons of information on how to take an arsty craftsy idea and expand on it into a unit that offers many cross curricular activities. 
And, this just sums it up…kids that have made their own drawing video on Youtube. Pretty cool closure for this blog post.
Thanks ReNayNay for our friendship. I am sure glad it is full of magical adventurous

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