Hey!  I snagged this idea from somewhere on Pinterest and changed it up a bit!  I would love to give the creator credit, but I cannot find where I found this pop art ice cream cone.  Awesome idea, person out there in the world.  If you claim this art activity, I will certainly give u a big, bunch of credit.
So, I did a little prep work and painted some paper.  I sure am liking painted paper lately.
The first class period, the kids painted the blue background with dots. 
I gave them some yellow paper and they cut out the “POW” thingie.  Then, they outlined the POW thingie with red and put red dots on the POW thingie.
During the second class period, they cut the painted paper and some unpainted paper and made ice cream.
Also, they cut a cone.
They glued it all down.
Then, they came to me for the serious glue so we could glue down the fuzzy pom poms.
Pop Art and some Pop Muzik by M!

  So, in our family we try to see who can make the most creative gifts sometimes. This was a gift for my sister one Christmas. You see, our grandma – MaWini was a Flint night operator for years. She had these clip on earrings. I wanted to combine our love of art and something from our past to create a neat piece of art. I think I nailed it!
  Bought a cheap black frame with no glass in it. I sanded and spray painted it black.
 Rounded up some:
Funky glass beads
Hardwear and tools
Galvanized wire
Wire tools
Black carpet tacks
 This is Willie Wirehand. He is a clip on earring that belong to our MaWini. I wanted to base the art work around him. Our grandma use to wear these and I just wanted to create a fun memory and fun piece of art to pass down to our kids by documenting a little family history here for the kids of 1969 and 1965.
Soda cans
Cut ends off
Used dye cut machine at school to cut squares out
I have a corder rounding tool that I used to make the edges round
Assembled it and gave it to 1965!
I hope this inspires you to create something from a memory. This week has had me thinking about how we got so creative and why we love the things that we do. I do believe it is because of the influences of our parents and grandparents. MaWini died in 1987, but still lives strong in my memory. This week we lost my Father-In-Law, Tom Daniel (Papa). It got me to thinking about how much he supported my art from the age of 14. I will blog on this later on this week. Appreciate you stopping by…enjoy the Youtube! Yes, it is a blast from the past =)

I am not sure why this art activity happened with the 8th grade.  It was one of the last days with the students before Christmas.  The students wanted to dot paper.  They do love spouncers.  I love them, but I do not love washing them.  They “spouced” the dots on the paper and then, they thought these trees looked fun to do.  I gave them some paint and a credit card and they made trees.  The students cut the trees out and glued them on the dotted paper.
And…Here is the art.
The Pop Art Project with winter trees was just a relaxing project for the kids before exams.  All they needed was time to talk and do art without thinking too much. 
Need to relax?
Listen to Dave.  He is always good for providing a calming effect.
Kim and Karen both love Romero Britto.  To see previous posts, click HERE!   The project below was done by 3rd Graders.  Before the project began, I encouraged them to “not be so detailed.”  After they got their drawings done, I decided they did not listen to my pitch on less detail.  Oh well, the details really made the projects so much more fun!

We talked a little about Romero Britto.
The kids drew with pencil and then outlined with sharpie.
The kids painted the background.
The kids painted the trees.
The kids outlined.
Yes, the project took several weeks to complete.
I think the hard work was definitely worth it.
Check them out!

In my opinion, this project was a learning experience for the third graders.  They were told to consider not being so detailed, but many chose to ignore my recommendations.  It is all good though.  The kids did what they wanted to do.  I saw them going down Detail Road.  Eventually, they got to the red stop sign.  Then, they realized the devil was in the details.  I think it is much better for kids to realize some things on their own.  Until you experience some things first hand, you really do not get it.

I recently heard this song by James Brown and it really cracks me up.  It is a Christmas song full of soul and called “Soulful Christmas.”
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