Want to learn the history of Zentangles? If so, click below:
We discussed Zentangles.
Got 9×12 drawing paper and a sharpie and brainstormed ideas of things with a beach theme.
Thought these turned out really cool!

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Happy New Year! 1969
How fun are these? So, I was looking around on Pinterest and saw these Candy Canes. I followed the link to here:
Got inspired and wanted my kids to create whimsical candy canes using some elements and principles.
12×18 white paper
Black Sharpie
Mr. Sketch markers
paint brushes
water bowls
watercolor paint
Create 3 or more candy canes with pencil
Make in interesting composition
Candy canes need to touch all edges
Use patterns
Overlap candy canes
Jazz it up
Get creative
Ever wondered how they make candy canes?
Check it out- 1969
Have you ever wondered about the history of candy canes?
Enjoy…Merry Merry
Have you ever heard of Heather Galler? If not, check out the links below:

You can find Heather on Facebook: 
Heather Galler is a well known, award winning, professional NY Artist for over 23 years. Heather has painted many large scale murals in restaurants, office buildings, and most recently the home of a long time art collector. Many art collectors have over 30 Galler pieces in their own personal collection. http://www.jwdlicensing.com/bio-heather-galler/

I love color to the point some people would be turned off, but those who love color as I do really GET my work. I love to be inspired by movies, music, books, and of course other art, but the most important element of inspiration is environment. The Mexican, Italian, and French culture drive me to paint the most. http://www.artistrising.com/shop/profile/45886/Heather-Galler.htm

Heather Galler is a unique and talented artist who has become known for her very colorful abstract folk pet paintings. Her colorful dog paintings are highly sought after and can be found on ebay at her own ebay store. http://amazing-folk-art.weebly.com/heather-galler-folk-paintings.html

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Last weekend, Cathy, the lower school art teacher, and I went to school to turn off alarm and unload / reload kiln. Yes, we do this together as not to set the school’s alarm off. Ya know…safety in numbers. Tee Hee. As we walked back to Cathy’s room in lower school, I saw the fabulous pieces of art in her class. I had to take photos of them and blog. Are they not just the coolest. Cathy does way super cool stuff down in lower school. I am glad we make time to share with one another. 
I do believe we have the strongest Visual Arts Team in Tallahassee. We are growing our program by leaps and bounds. It is nice that we can spiral our curriculum vertically and horizontally. Upper School Art can learn from Lower and Middle School just as Middle and Lower School Art can learn from Upper School. It is awesome the way we feed off of each other to further grow our student’s artistic abilities.
9×12 paper
Cheers to my Visual Arts Team…Dressel, Hicks and Maurey – you guys make coming to work fun!