Each year the second grade does a program based on the book, Mr. Popper’s Penguins.  Last year, the kids made these penguins.  Click HERE to see.
This year, we went for the penguin on an iceberg.  These penguins are pretty funny.  If you knew the kids, they would be even funnier.  Check all of the penguins out below.
Penguin on a Broken Iceberg (yeah, it broke when being fired in the kiln)
Here’s the size of the penguins.
I think this penguin got in the sauce.
Obviously, this penguin has Betty Davis eyes.
How about a mohawk penguin?
Oh my, such a shy penguin.
The penguin below just realized her forgot his wife’s anniversary.
How about this penguin?  Swagging like a flat pancake.
Penguin and his snowman friend.
The snowman and the penguin are good friends.  They are just all snuggled up on the iceberg.  Nothing like a good friend, folks.  Check out this sweet, sweet video with a father-daughter singing, “You’ve Got A Friend in Me.”
Second Grade always does the Mr. Popper’s Penguins’ Program.  So, we always paint penguins to go with their decor.  Check out some of our previous posts HERE.  I included a picture of the penguin with a couple of markers so you could get an idea of the size of these guys.
I showed some kids different pictures of penguins.
They drew a shape.
They used a paper plate to trace the white belly spots.
They drew the eyes, nose, and feet.
When they got their drawings just right, they painted.
Nice job, second grade!
A post about penguins in the hazy shade of winter.