I thought these were so cool on our Lower School bulletin board. Cathy Hicks did a fabulous job with her students and this mixed media lesson. They water colored the background with a crayon resist technique to add details.

She taught a lesson on cityscapes. The students had to draw them out using foam trays and create a template to make an edition of the print on different colors of papers.

Then they had to mount them to make them stand out. Creating a super layered effect. I saw them and just had to share them with you all!

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Who invented printmaking?
The process is believed to have been invented by Daniel Hopfer (circa 1470-1536) of Augsburg, Germany, who decorated armor in this way, and applied the method to printmaking. Etching soon came to challenge engraving as the most popular printmaking medium.
When did printmaking begin?
The most common relief prints are woodcuts. Printmaking originated in China after paper was invented around AD 105. Relief printing appeared in Europe in the 15th Century, when the process of papermaking was imported from the East.
Thanks, Cassie for the cool lesson idea and Youtube tutorial!

Thanks Cathy for letting me share your kids art!
5th Grade just loved this project and I just love 5th Grade.  They have so many talented kids in the class.  When I teach them new techniques, the really dig it!  I encouraged them to make tints on the ice cream scoops and they really enjoyed the color mixing process.
Kids painted their sundae containers with silver paint.  
Kids painted scoops.
Kids used pom poms and pipe cleaners to decorate with glue guns.  We kept the glue guns on the low temperature because they will burn the mess out of you!  I have some glue gun scars to boast.
Have a taste!
Art teachers, don’t you just connect with some classes? I do.  The 5th Grade class is just full of personality and fun.  During this week’s lesson, I had several students doing more dancing than art.  And, that is okay with me, sometimes.  Music is part of the arts.  It’s all good if it ends on a good note.
I played Kung Fu Fighting, the original by Carl Douglas.  The entire class was up singing and dancing to this song that was released in 1974, when I was in 3rd Grade.
I ran across this website:
Have you ever heard of The Imagination Box? If not, look up Diane Pagan on social media. She has some really cool ideas to share on her PLN.
 Teachers Pay Teachers
I ran across this worksheet below and decided to do a mini lesson with my middle schoolers to see just what they would produce. The Toucans were a hoot! Loved them. Each one was very unique and had an individual personality. They used:
Drawing Paper 9×12
Sax Water Color – Liquid
Prang Watercolor
Oil Pastels
*mixed media
Hope you too are Soaring into 2017 with our CrEaTiViTy!

Happy Christmas Break! Yes, we all made it! This lesson was done when we were down to one day lessons before exams. Kids used markers, sharpies, watercolor, oil pastels, white paper. Kids just got real creative and gave each bird a personality that represented their feelings of that particular day on that art class. I think they are a hoot!
Run Run Rudolph was a great lesson. It was pretty simple and straight forward because I used this reference: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Christmas-Art-Activity-and-Lesson-Plan-for-Kids-Red-Nosed-Reindeer-Winter-1615469
You can find more art by Claudia Loubier here:
You guys know how it gets this time of year and sometime it is nice to just have a go too lesson for good ole art education fun!
I think the reindeer turned out really well and they all have their own unique personality with many individualized details.
The watercolor resist sky is always one of my favorites!
This one did a fantastic job of smudging the oil pastels.
Such cool detail with the black snow flake effect.
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Thanks for stopping by and check out our other Christmas Art Lessons that we have used in our classrooms. They have all been very successful lessons to teach.
Merry Merry….1969
Our Lower School Art Teacher, Cathy Hicks did a fabulous job at teaching Mixed Media to her students. Check out these pieces of art.
She taught mixed media to her students and made them really see how their leaf painting could be brought to a different level instead of just a leaf on a book page. These pieces helped the students to see drawing, painting, and mixed media in one piece of art.
Fall colors were the subject matter. The kids LOVED the final effect instead of it just being a painting. The pieces were matted on warm colors and many used glitter as an added embellishment.
Way to go Cathy, thanks for sharing with me. It is so nice to be a part of a Visual Arts team that is always growing, learning and sharing with each other. 

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