Are these not the best? So, Cathy used low fire white clay. We did only one firing. After they were bisqued, Cathy spray painted them all brown.  Then she busted out the acrylic paint to add the details to the feathers, faces and backs. A clear sealer was added before they went home.
Thanks Michelle East for the inspiration. We appreciate it. If you guys are reading and want to check out some other cool lessons. Cruise on over to Michelle’s Art Education Blog – Create Art With Me! You will be glad you stopped in to check it out. Link is located below:
Painting and adding details.
Mixing those colors.
Organizing the supplies…A must
This is how they turned out in the bisque firing.
Before we put them in kiln.
We fired at 04 on slow with a hold of .10
Love that I was able to share these with you from our Maclay Lower School Art Teacher, Cathy Hicks! Perfect timing as we are all in the throws of celebrating Thanksgiving with family and friends.
Gobble Gobble – 1969
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