Art Club made Marbelized Paper!  Honestly, this project was the messiest project that I have ever done.  Also, it was probably one of the funnest projects that we had ever done.  Seriously, my room will never be the same.  The clean-up crew had to bring “the big, red machine” into my room to clean up the floors.  Oh boy!

I came across this project on Pinterest.  Check out the original project details here. Marbelized Paper Project Blog Thanks to The Chocolate Muffin Tree for such an awesome and detailed post.
I used the thick watercolor paper for the project.  I would say that thicker paper is advised.
First, we spread out shaving cream in large throw-away pans.
Next, we tried squirted food coloring in the shaving cream.
We swirled the food coloring with a toothpick.
We put the thick paper down and pressed it into the shaving cream.
We lifted the paper.
Then, we used old Itunes gift cards to scrape the shaving cream off the paper.
I would say that it is best to use fresh shaving cream for every project.
Have a look!
I loved this project, lots.  It was almost as fun as dancing on tables to this song in fraternity houses at the University of Georgia in 1983.