We are getting ready for our Celebration of the Arts at Maclay on 3/24/2017. Our featured artist study this year is Peter Max. Below is a link to our Celebration.

We have based these colorful portraits off of Peter Max. We have done lessons on him before in other blog post. See below:

For this lesson, we printed out a few photos of our Division Heads then cut them out and glued them down onto 12×18 colored construction paper. Had the kids embellish some details on the xerox copy but mainly focused on the blending of all of the color in the background. Can’t wait to get them in a slide show to share!

Many details of our event have been posted and shared. I will do a follow up post with our fun activities, schedule and booth names, but for now here is a taste of just what our Fine Art Department has going on as of right now.

I do like that we have a logo and a brand for our event. We will only change out the colors each year to update with our theme. Can’t wait to share more….

But for now, enjoy 1969

This canvas was created in the style of Rene Portocarrero by our Maclay Upper School Art Class with Kyle Maurey. Each illustration in the painting is a representation of a landmark in our city of Tallahassee, Florida. I think it turned out just so spectacular that I wanted to blog about it and share it with all of you guys!

Rene Portocarrero Biography. Was born in the neighborhood of El Cerro, Havana, in 1912. Start painting since early age and at 14, starts in San Alejandro. … His work was first exhibited in the Salon de Bellas Artes, in Havana.

Was born in the neighborhood of El Cerro, Havana, in 1912. Start painting since early age and at 14, starts in San Alejandro. Having a strong temperament and unable to adapt to this apprenticeship, leaves the institution and starts working on his own. His work was first exhibited in the Salon de Bellas Artes, in Havana. He was a professor at the Paintings and Sculptures Free Studies directed by Abela in 1939. Travels through Haiti, Europe and the US, where he opened an exhibition in the Julian Levy Gallery, in New York, in 1945. He has worked on many murals and ceramics.

His works are among the permanent collections of the Museums of Modern Arts of: Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, New York, San Francisco; National Gallery in Canada; Bellas Artes, Caracas; Milwaukee Art Center; Union Panamericana, Washington; Modern Arts of Paris; Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; Art Museum, Indianapolis; Bellas Artes, Montevideo; Bellas Artes, Buenos Aires; Instituto de Arte Contemporaneo, Lima, Peru; Museo Nacional, Havana.

He has not stopped painting since his childhood and has never planned any of his work. He has no idea of what he will work on, until the brush is about to strike on canvas.

What makes a  Rene Portocarrero a  Rene Portocarrero?
Cuban Artist
City Scenes
Collective History

Links to  Rene Portocarrero

Thanks for dropping by…love how many ways you can use this artist to connect with your community and tie in art history too!
We wanted to be proactive on campus and allow students a way to communicate ways to respect one another. We decided to have a “Chalk It Out Day” with the Fine Arts Classes. 
We researched several places online to gather information:
Our “Kindness in Chalk” / “Chalk It Out” was a success. We were charged with encouraging positivity and inclusiveness around campus – we want to try to create a unified community and fortify our one school MINDSET.
Our positive messages written in chalk were a success!
Positive Thoughts
Generate Positive Feelings
And This Attracts A Positive Life 
Full Of Adventurous Experiences!
Positivy ROCKS on our campus! Try it on yours.
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