My friend, Renee is at it again. Aren’t these way super cool book marks. She sent me some awesome photos of her kiddos work. I had to share with you all. Check out the YouTube video at the end for more details. Thanks, Renee for sharing these. I think they are amazing! Love how you always seem to integrate art in every lesson you teach in your curriculum. Much love to you for being Mary Frances’ 3rd grade teacher – mentor and advocate! 1969

I thought these were so cool on our Lower School bulletin board. Cathy Hicks did a fabulous job with her students and this mixed media lesson. They water colored the background with a crayon resist technique to add details.

She taught a lesson on cityscapes. The students had to draw them out using foam trays and create a template to make an edition of the print on different colors of papers.

Then they had to mount them to make them stand out. Creating a super layered effect. I saw them and just had to share them with you all!

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Resources for Printmaking Techniques and Processes:

Who invented printmaking?
The process is believed to have been invented by Daniel Hopfer (circa 1470-1536) of Augsburg, Germany, who decorated armor in this way, and applied the method to printmaking. Etching soon came to challenge engraving as the most popular printmaking medium.
When did printmaking begin?
The most common relief prints are woodcuts. Printmaking originated in China after paper was invented around AD 105. Relief printing appeared in Europe in the 15th Century, when the process of papermaking was imported from the East.
Thanks, Cassie for the cool lesson idea and Youtube tutorial!

Thanks Cathy for letting me share your kids art!
Cathy Hicks worked with our Lower School art students at Maclay to create a mini canvas collaborative piece.

They used:
Paint Brushes
Mini Canvas
Paint (the dryer the better) this created a cool texture effect
Pour On
Reference Heart Shapes / Colors
*This is a several step process so if you teach you need at least 1-2 weeks to complete within your art classroom.

Just a few items that were covered in class discussions during the hands-on process:
Tints / Tones

For more information on our Maclay School Auction check out this blog post: 
Amazed as usual as what all Cathy can produce with her kiddos! Follow us on Twitter
to check out all that our Maclay Visual Arts are doing! We would love to have you stop by.
Our Lower School Art Teacher, Cathy Hicks did a fabulous job at teaching Mixed Media to her students. Check out these pieces of art.
She taught mixed media to her students and made them really see how their leaf painting could be brought to a different level instead of just a leaf on a book page. These pieces helped the students to see drawing, painting, and mixed media in one piece of art.
Fall colors were the subject matter. The kids LOVED the final effect instead of it just being a painting. The pieces were matted on warm colors and many used glitter as an added embellishment.
Way to go Cathy, thanks for sharing with me. It is so nice to be a part of a Visual Arts team that is always growing, learning and sharing with each other. 

Have you ever heard of Heather Galler? If not, check out the links below:

You can find Heather on Facebook:
Heather Galler is a well known, award winning, professional NY Artist for over 23 years. Heather has painted many large scale murals in restaurants, office buildings, and most recently the home of a long time art collector. Many art collectors have over 30 Galler pieces in their own personal collection.

I love color to the point some people would be turned off, but those who love color as I do really GET my work. I love to be inspired by movies, music, books, and of course other art, but the most important element of inspiration is environment. The Mexican, Italian, and French culture drive me to paint the most.

Heather Galler is a unique and talented artist who has become known for her very colorful abstract folk pet paintings. Her colorful dog paintings are highly sought after and can be found on ebay at her own ebay store.

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Last weekend, Cathy, the lower school art teacher, and I went to school to turn off alarm and unload / reload kiln. Yes, we do this together as not to set the school’s alarm off. Ya know…safety in numbers. Tee Hee. As we walked back to Cathy’s room in lower school, I saw the fabulous pieces of art in her class. I had to take photos of them and blog. Are they not just the coolest. Cathy does way super cool stuff down in lower school. I am glad we make time to share with one another. 
I do believe we have the strongest Visual Arts Team in Tallahassee. We are growing our program by leaps and bounds. It is nice that we can spiral our curriculum vertically and horizontally. Upper School Art can learn from Lower and Middle School just as Middle and Lower School Art can learn from Upper School. It is awesome the way we feed off of each other to further grow our student’s artistic abilities.
9×12 paper
Cheers to my Visual Arts Team…Dressel, Hicks and Maurey – you guys make coming to work fun!

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