While I was gone to the NAEA Conference in New York City, I had to leave sub plans.  Well I found this activity for first grade on a cool place called Fantastic Fun and Learning (click here).  Thanks, Shaunna!
I had students use a very large sheet of paper. (Look below at the photo with a marker board marker)
They drew lines with sharpie.
The used watercolor to paint on top of the sharpie markers.
Here’s Johnny Cash with I Walk the Line.
Need an art activity that relates to Fall?  How about the warm colored pumpkins on cool background squares that you see below?  The third graders did a great job on this 3 week project.

I had the kids divide their sheet by folding into 4 sections.
I gave them blue, purple, and green paint.  I told them to add white and make tints.
I told them to paint each square with the tints.
In the following art class, they drew and painted a pumpkin. 
When painting the pumpkin, I encouraged them to use several tints of orange.
Once our painting was complete, we outlined the pumpkins with sharpies and glued them on our cool color painting.
Have a look!
I like this pumpkin project.  It does not just jump out at you with “Happy Halloween”or “Happy Thanksgiving”.  This is a Pumpkin “Pop Art” Project that includes lots of art basics, but I chose to focus on tints. 

Is a pumpkin a vegetable or a fruit?  My googling results seem to point towards fruit.  What kind of fruit?  Sit down, folks.  A Pumpkin is a BERRY!
Speaking of Berries, here is Chuck Berry jamming with Eric Clapton and Keith Richards.  Pretty cool jam session…

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