I recently went to the NAEA conference in New York City.  One morning we jetted to the MOMA and saw a little art.  One fun piece was this Claes Oldenburg “Floor Cone”.  Have a look at the cone and it’s description.
Did you notice the resemblance of the clay cone and Oldenburg’s cone?  Fun, huh?  The cherry is an added touch by one of my third graders.
I talked about Claes Oldenburg.
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The kids made a tiny pinch pot.
The kids rolled up a cone.
The kids attached the pinch pot and the cone.
The kids added details.
I fired.
They painted their clay projects.
Tutti Frutti would be a good ice cream name.  Here’s Little Richard singing “Long Tall Sally” and “Tutti Frutti”,
5th Grade just loved this project and I just love 5th Grade.  They have so many talented kids in the class.  When I teach them new techniques, the really dig it!  I encouraged them to make tints on the ice cream scoops and they really enjoyed the color mixing process.
Kids painted their sundae containers with silver paint.  
Kids painted scoops.
Kids used pom poms and pipe cleaners to decorate with glue guns.  We kept the glue guns on the low temperature because they will burn the mess out of you!  I have some glue gun scars to boast.
Have a taste!
Art teachers, don’t you just connect with some classes? I do.  The 5th Grade class is just full of personality and fun.  During this week’s lesson, I had several students doing more dancing than art.  And, that is okay with me, sometimes.  Music is part of the arts.  It’s all good if it ends on a good note.
I played Kung Fu Fighting, the original by Carl Douglas.  The entire class was up singing and dancing to this song that was released in 1974, when I was in 3rd Grade.
Hey!  I snagged this idea from somewhere on Pinterest and changed it up a bit!  I would love to give the creator credit, but I cannot find where I found this pop art ice cream cone.  Awesome idea, person out there in the world.  If you claim this art activity, I will certainly give u a big, bunch of credit.
So, I did a little prep work and painted some paper.  I sure am liking painted paper lately.
The first class period, the kids painted the blue background with dots. 
I gave them some yellow paper and they cut out the “POW” thingie.  Then, they outlined the POW thingie with red and put red dots on the POW thingie.
During the second class period, they cut the painted paper and some unpainted paper and made ice cream.
Also, they cut a cone.
They glued it all down.
Then, they came to me for the serious glue so we could glue down the fuzzy pom poms.
Pop Art and some Pop Muzik by M!
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