The day that I got back from Christmas break, my boss lady came to me with a desperate plea.  She needed help hosting 20 ladies in her social club, the Idaka ladies.  She wanted to do an art related event.  She wanted the ladies to do some art that they could take out and share with the community.  So, we turned the lava lights on, the Tom Jones on, and the laughter on.  A fun night was had by all!
To keep the ladies entertained with a reasonable activity, I decided to make door hangers or ornaments (call them whatever you want).  The thought of 20 ladies doing a painting in the art room at 7:00 PM just did not seem like the best idea.  I felt like their inner Jackson Pollocks would surface and SPLATTER all over my room.  The thought of cleaning up an art room at midnight just does not appeal to me at all.
I did the prep work.  I painted lots of paper.  I prefer the assembly line method of painting paper.  It is very therapeutic.  Try it sometime!
I trimmed the paper to more manageable sizes for the ladies.
I provided some stencil like the heart cookie cutter you see below.
The ladies designed their art.
Then, they attached wire and beads to their art.
 The ladies were mild-mannered and then, I played a Tom Jones song.  I do believe some of these ladies were at this Tom Jones concert back in 1974.  If not, they could have been.  
Always remember, MUSIC is boss.  Everybody is on the same page with at least one song.  Find the song, folks.
It’s February and lots of folks thinking about hearts and L O V E!  The 5th Grade Art Club made these cool hearts and a BIG MESS!  As an art teacher, I do not have a problem with messy.  But, this splatter paint mess was a TOP 10 mess.  Less of a mess is always best. It keeps you in good with the school cleaning crew. 
Talk about Jackson Pollock.
Paint the background paper with light purple and light green.
Paint the heart with red, purple, blue and red with acrylic.
Then, splatter carefully. (or not!)
So, this post is about love.  I remembered a song by Donny Osmond called “Puppy Love”.  I have been wanting a puppy that looks like this:
I have a case of puppy love.  I am so in love with this blue roan cocker spaniel.  I have already named her, Bertie.  Maybe one day…
Cathy Hicks worked with our Lower School art students at Maclay to create a mini canvas collaborative piece.

They used:
Paint Brushes
Mini Canvas
Paint (the dryer the better) this created a cool texture effect
Pour On
Reference Heart Shapes / Colors
*This is a several step process so if you teach you need at least 1-2 weeks to complete within your art classroom.

Just a few items that were covered in class discussions during the hands-on process:
Tints / Tones

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