Look at this cool guitar shelf!  Oh boy, I just love it…My son’s girl, Anna, made the guitar and gave it to Rob for Christmas.  You see, Rob is a guitar player and an artist. Check out these links to see some Rob Art.
Rob Art for Dad
Rob Art for Mom
This guitar was just the perfect gift for Rob, folks!
Here is a closer look.  The mosaic you see is broken painted records.  Nice, huh? 

These two kids have been hanging out for a few seasons.  They met at Winshape Camp in Rome, Georgia.  WinShape Camps is where thousands of campers come together each year to experience life-changing awesomeness! Created by the founder of Chick-fil-A™.  These camp counselors came together and been together ever since.

I just love handmade gifts.  They are the best.  When you give something that you made away, it is more than just a gift.  A DIY gift is a part of you that is shared with another and no one else.  Nothing better, I tell you.
Rob shares his artistic side with his music.  Here is Rob singing his song “Bulletproof” at a coffee shop in Macon, GA.
Oh yeah, one more thing.  Happy Birthday, Rob!
Love, Mom (1965)
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