At school, we were advised to plan essays before launching straight into them. Same went for extended exam answers. You’ll probably hear that it’s helpful at work or for crafting blog posts too. It’s a piece of advice I know would make a lot of sense, were my thoughts and mind rambles in any coherent or logical order so it’s a rule that I have avoided like the plague and very often regretted, midway through an essay in an exam when my argument failed to make sense to even its author.

But as I type now, I have set myself one challenge – just type, type to the beat of the Laura Marling album I’m listening to (thankfully for the post it’s coincided with some more upbeat tracks or else we might be here til next year and this post would not have been worth waiting for in way shape or form). I’ve not prepared what I want to say, where I’m headed in this prose, what the purpose even is of me spouting nouns and verbs and adjectives in any which way my fingers decide. (How strange, the track ended and there was silence here and my typing naturally stopped.)

When you’re at school, you’re guided in all manner of directions (usually forward) via tests, rules and guidance. My schooling was intense in hindsight. I poured most of my existence into academia up until university and I generally knew what I was doing. I did my homework, achieved my grades, went to university and was proud of all of it. But does any of this translate into the real world? Sure it helped me get a good job, instilled great work ethic in me and nurtured curiosity, but beyond that? It isn’t helping me now, I’m stuck in this mental state where I feel trapped and don’t know what it is that I’m looking for.

Lots of things feel like they’re missing. Energy being top of the list and that has zapped the rest. I look back at my blog and admire the drive and commitment I had to making this space work. It was a sanctuary for me and I am proud of what I achieved but I don’t always feel like I can give it the same love I did before. I don’t want to write any of this. It doesn’t make any sense to completely shoot down something that I know brings me so much joy and stimulates my mind and creativity. But I feel like my brain has shrunk, like my opinions on things are feelings not words, and those feelings are trapped in a bottle, are being shaken about but can’t make their way out. They’re squiggles and lines and patterns. But not words. Words have gone, in a public sense at least. It’s almost like the patience I had to craft sentences and paragraphs has disappeared. I don’t have the patience to grow into anything and often I find myself blaming social media and my disintegrating attention span. And on the other hand, I feel that I’m living in my own head far too much.

I need some projects and focus. Perhaps I do need a plan after all. And from you, the readers who inspire me with your own words and ideas and who have cared for me with such loyalty over the last few years, I would be eternally grateful for your patience and advice whilst I get myself out of this rut.

I’ve been looking for a new name for my blog for a while and when I think about what I write about, it makes me think that I should call this blog something along the lines of “wishes she could be more eloquent and articulate about things that really matter”, but of course more eloquent and articulate. In my little writing world, there is no time more frustrating than when something is close to my heart but I can’t find the words to do those topics or feelings justice. But hey, if you’re a veteran FMLW reader, you’ll know about that already (see here if not).

Last week was Eating Disorders Awareness Week. My attempts at writing something wouldn’t do anything justice at all. All I know is that we should be talking about it. So, I would like to share with you words from two people who I love an awful lot and who inspire me on a daily basis. 
Here are their stories:
(If this topic is something you identify with or is close to your heart too, and you are in need of support, then just a little note that Beat is there to help. Their number is 0845 634 1414

“It is Eating Disorders Awareness Week. I’m sharing my experience of anorexia to inform and feel less ashamed of having it. 
Anorexia is not a weight disorder. Someone with anorexia might not be extremely thin and someone who is extremely thin might not have anorexia. Disordered eaters might not have an eating disorder. Dieting is not the same as having anorexia. Skipping a meal is not the same as having anorexia. 
People with anorexia do eat. Anorexia should not be glamourised or be something people aspire to. It is NOT a choice. It is a mental health illness. Someone I met once said that they wished they had anorexia. But if only people really knew what it was like then they wouldn’t say this.
Anorexia is like having a bully 24 hours a day, constantly chattering away in your ear – even when you sleep. You dream of food and have nightmares about weight. 
It is every second of every day thinking about food, calories and numbers. It is crying hysterically for hours over weight gain. It is wanting to die because you can’t take the voices any more. It is screaming at family and crying in public, both over food. It is not leaving the house, showering or changing in fear of seeing your body. 
It is countless doctors appointments, ECGs and blood tests. It is using the word “fat” as a feeling. It is doing things I am too ashamed to even say. 
There is no break from this illness. There is no off button. It is constant torment all day every day.
Mainly, I want to get across that it is NOT a weight disorder. The anorexia voice does not disappear once at a healthy weight. It gets louder as you’re fighting against it. Over the past seven years of being ill with anorexia, my weight has fluctuated and yet every one of those days that voice has still been there.
You don’t just lose weight – you lose time, life, friends. It is exhausting – I cannot wait for the day that voice quietens down so that I can eat a meal without crying of guilt afterwards. I may have this forever but I hope to get to a stage where there is less noise in my head.
I am not giving up. I am stronger than my eating disorder. I am R and I love cats. I love baking cakes and I love kind people. I love Options and blankets. I love cute pyjamas and baggy jumpers. I want to be a nurse. I have anorexia. But I am not my eating disorder.”
“To help break the silence, this week I am raising awareness of eating orders. I am never going to know what it is like for those suffering, but even just seeing the closest people to me go through such internal torture is enough to know something more has to be done.
For me, I would like to alleviate the stigma surrounding anorexia. Anorexia is a mental health disorder, not a weight disorder, that takes over people’s lives one minute at a time. 
For those who think it is a choice to becoming life-threateningly thin, it is most definitely not and not one person can decide not to have the disorder for a day. The voices inside of them are continuous comments of abuse which harm their self esteem and skew the view of their body image. 
It is heartbreaking to see or even know of the constant suffering this causes people. Friends and family of sufferers can feel so helpless all the time, so this week I want to be able to help in other ways.
I am helping to raise awareness of how serious eating disorders actually are. I am raising awareness of how they can affect anyone, including males, and I know of too many people suffering too long without help. Being put on countless, forever-lasting waiting lists, which go nowhere, is not enough. The media portraying these illnesses to young people as something glamorous to strive for is so incredibly wrong that people have to know the truth.
There are too many misconceptions about eating disorders to list, but hopefully by raising awareness, message by message, the unfortunate reality will be known and therefore help sufferers feel less stigmatised in society.”

We have to keep talking.


Could I let 2014 slip away without one last blog post? I’m sitting at “home home”, back with my family for the Christmas period, and I’m reminded of my old ways. The days, weeks, months I spent scribbling/typing away in time which needed filling or which was stolen from studying. I read a tweet earlier today claiming that a good writing tip is to write when you’re supposed to be doing something else. The feeling of being naughty, knowing you’re supposed to be researching for your coursework or getting ready to go outside. What am I avoiding now? A last minute dash to the shops for hopefully the end of the Christmas shopping period which I promised myself would happen in October. There’s always next year..!

At dinner last night with some of my closest friends, we took it in turns to speak about the highlight of 2014. I know it’s a question that’s upcoming in my 5 year Q&A diary too. It’s often a question I dread because when I reflect, the more painful memories always seem to stick out. In a privileged society like ours, it can seem almost like we treat happiness and pleasantry to be the norm and experiences which do not fit into that category are treated as blips on the smooth journey we expect from our lives. Do we always appreciate fully that these marks are as much part of our lives as the good stuff? Or is it a case of attitude and approach?

I’ve been taught recently to re-adjust the way I view decision-making and management of worries and anxieties by someone who enthuses about life and has much more positive eyes than I do. M posited the following: “Rather than look at why you wouldn’t enjoy something, think about why you would”. Rather than worry about what someone doesn’t like about you, remind yourself of reasons why they do. Rather than formulate theories about how unbearable an experience is going to be, focus on the excitement and gratitude you might have for the opportunity.

The instinctive analysis that my brain decides to undertake at every given chance however warns of the dangers of getting carried away by not considering whether the bad outweighs the good. We can’t ignore certain negativities for the sake of trivial indulgences, for example; it is a balancing act, of course it is.

But it can be a useful mantra I think – apply it to present-buying, a new opportunity at work, planning a trip. How can it help you? If you find yourself in a situation where you are needing encouragement to do something you’re unsure on but ultimately feel like you want to do, maybe we should apply that logic.

Going back to the question of 2014’s highlight – what would make you say you did enjoy it, rather than what would make you say you didn’t? For me, it was my trip to Spain over the summer. Not necessarily for the travel aspect of it, which I suppose is the predictable part of the answer (travel is a popular highlight for most people), but rather for simple reasons of time and freedom to be me in different places with the person who so often I forget is a separate person to me.

Of course, we do carry with us grief, trauma, pain and it forms part of who we are, through the good times and the bad. Suffering doesn’t go away but shiny stars do need a dark backdrop.

Or as Dumbledore would put it: “Happiness can be found even in the darkest times if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

Wishing you all a peaceful Christmas


From notes on my phone ::

Ever listened to a conversation between two strangers and realised that you have uttered those same words to someone before too? Two, three, five, fifty, infinite combinations of strangers having infinite combinations of repeated conversations.

The same thoughts, the same words, the same expressions of delight, the same disdain, the same judgement.

Our minds are unique and form part of “who we are” yet your observations and realisations may just be, and probably often are, the same ones that thousands before you and thousands after you will have. Without even speaking to these strangers we have common thought patterns and processes; without even knowing these strangers we share reactions and observational dialogue.

Just a little thought about how intrinsically similar we all are as humans.


P.S. Hello again x

You’re all lovely, loyal readers (thank you, thank you, thank you!) so if you’re a regular you’ll probably be aware that I moved out of home over the weekend! Gulp!

In amongst all the organising and packing, I managed to get my closest friends together to have a “Leaving London” party. The venue of choice was a lovely little 1920’s inspired cocktail bar, Rise 46, a short walk from Clapham Junction station.

From the Rise 46 website
You can watch Gatsby here!

I’d been in contact with the bar to book a small area for my party and I just need to make it clear how kind and accommodating Rise 46 staff were from start to finish. When my search for the perfect venue began, I e-mailed a handful of bars to enquire about booking and whether any events were happening etc, and most places seemed pretty half-hearted about it. I suppose they know that on a Friday night they are likely to be busy regardless of whether they have a booking like mine. Rise 46, however, answered all my questions, didn’t require a deposit, didn’t stress me out over a minimum spend, made me feel like they’d love to look after us and replied to all e-mails promptly and politely. A massive tick already before I’d even set foot in Clapham.

When we arrived, we were greeted by Sergio – a brilliant barman – who showed us our area and a complimentary bottle of Prosecco. Loooook…!

There were enough of us to make it feel like we weren’t cut off from the rest of the bar, especially as the staff were so attentive. Before long, crowds of us gathered around the main upstairs bar as we had spotted sweetie jars…the intrigue hit all of us and before we knew it, there was a multitude of popping candy, lollipops and fizzy bubblegum bottles being shared around. I mean, just take a moment to think about that – you’ve got a huge jar of one of the most delicious cocktails you’ve ever tasted, and in the jar’s lid you’ve got an abundance of sweets (and good ones too). Are you not sold on that alone?!

If you needed even more convincing that this is no ordinary bar, did I mention that they have a popcorn machine too? You’re just handed little bowls of freshly made popcorn every now and again, amplifying the fun experience tenfold. You must be sold now, right?!

We were blown away by the range of cocktails Sergio made for us and the speed with which he did it. They were honestly amongst the best cocktails I’ve ever had – really carefully and skilfully crafted. It has made me want to learn how to make them just as well. Mojitos are usually my drink of choice but I don’t think I even had a single one that night, on account of there being so many other delicious choices. If you don’t believe me, take a look at the drinks menu here…how do you even know where to begin?! (Answer: sweets. Always the sweets.)

Photo of us sourced from Rise 46 website

Other handy information ::

You must try their :: porn star martini – seriously good.
You’ll be dancing to :: all the types of tracks you want to hear on a night out, and live music on certain nights if you’re lucky
You’ll be surrounded by :: happy people
You’ll be blown away by :: how yummy the cocktails are
You won’t stop talking about :: the sweets and popcorn!
You can get :: 20% off your drinks on weekdays if you sign up to be a friend of Rise 46
You can find them at :: 46 Battersea Rise, London, SW11 1EE

On the “Leaving London” front – as sad as I am that I have left my favourite city, I am pretty excited to be able to adventure in a new part of the country and explore pretty little places I don’t even know exist yet. Thank you to my friends for being such wonderful company and to Rise 46 for really looking after us – it was the perfect send off!

A huge thank you also to my friend Anj who kindly helped me out with photographs for this post. Pictures on a night out are tricky with the iPhone! Apologies for the graininess…do any of you take your SLRs out with you to bars?

Hello from my new town! It is a weird feeling no longer living in my family home and being away from most of the people I know….in fact, ALL of the people I know minus 1 (albeit it a very important one). It feels different to moving away for university but it doesn’t feel permanent yet. That’ll probably take getting into the swing of things with the new job et al but so far, so good. It took precisely five people, two cars and a transit van to transport all of our stuff down here. That should probably read *my* stuff, since M’s possessions were limited mainly to a couple of books, a chest of drawers and his clothes (not packed, just carried in the aforementioned drawers). Since the weekend we have acquired a lot more joint belongings, such as bed sheets, a giant straw laundry basket and a toaster. I’ve been busy getting to know the area this week, doing shopping and sorting out admin before my real job starts next week. I hope to be able to continue writing here as I usually do, although that may be less frequent to begin with than I would like. Anyway, without further ado, here’s my Sunday round-up….

This week I have been….

Assembling :: flat-pack furniture

Buying :: bits and bobs for the new flat and work clothes

Eating :: with M each evening – what a treat! Also tried Five Guys for the first time, having heard such mixed reviews prior to trying. I really enjoyed it! Bit expensive (same kind of price as you would pay for Patty & Bun which is the superior burger…of all burgers ever, followed closely by Honest) but the chips are awesome (and you get loads), you can pick which burger size you’d like and the drink options are simply incredible. Yep *incredible*…

Drinking :: mixtures of all types of Fanta flavours; litres of tea

Reading :: a book about yoga, “Coming Up Roses” (Cath Kidston’s business story) and a book about women and the suffrage movement

Having a love/hate relationship with :: not having wifi  in the flat! It is lovely to have more time to read, talk and play chess, but it has meant several trips to the library to sort out house admin.

Booking :: train tickets all over the place

Considering :: birthday plans

Enjoying :: having plants in the house…just a little Ikea one and a mint plant for the moment. Flowers are next on the list!

Please leave any tips for being a newbie in the workplace in the comments below! Hope you’ve all had a marvellous week – let me know what you did this weekend 🙂

I started writing this blog post a couple of weeks ago. So here is how it started…..

“I am writing this in my local library. We’ve been moved in two weeks and wifi still hasn’t happened. This may well be a personal record… I am so eager to type all of my thoughts and observations out at the pace at which they’re running through my head but unfortunately I’ve got to contend with a space bar which requires two thumbs to press it down and the eccentric sound of a father and toddler daughter singing a song from “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”. In a library. Yep. Welcome to my weekend! Life is weird away from home (London) sometimes. Anyhow, here is a little list of things I have learnt moving out of home… “

Then, as you can gather from the distinct lack of list, I decided to give up and go home (via three awesome charity shops). Now here I am two weeks later, sitting on my bed in the comfort of my new home with wifi galore. I suppose that can be lesson number one – transitions are unsettling sometimes but the beauty of them is that they’re temporary.

Anyway, not only did I fail to complete the list or the blog post, I didn’t return to Blogger again up until now. Where have I been? Well, just here really. Here and at work, and in my car getting between here and work. And on trains getting between here and work when work isn’t at work. Up until this month – and can you believe that this is only post number three of September when we are pretty much in October? – I blogged regularly with the energy I’d been bottling up from all of those hours of rest. It was a full-time hobby, a creative outlet and something I loved. I still do love it now, but here’s lesson number two – real life can get in the way!

I assume it is the adjustment that needs to be made when you move to a new town, in with a partner, starting a new job, thrown in with a weekend going back home for birthday celebrations, which has stolen me away from tending to this online space of mine. I come home and feel too exhausted to even turn the laptop on, let alone spill my thoughts onto paper. Oh and talking of paper, driving everywhere means that I spend little time on trains which means less time putting pen to paper for non-work related activities. So there’s a little explanation of where I have been. I would imagine that my routine will form soon enough and that will make time for blogging, yoga, exercise and other things which have taken a back-seat.

So what else have I learnt about moving out of home? Well, mostly that parents do an amazing job managing work, life worries, organising and cooking meals, making packed lunches, doing the washing and ironing, owning an ironing basket in the first place, owning a hoover, using a hoover, knowing how to do basic plumbing, knowing how to dry a bath mat, taking care of more than one person and doing all of it everyday without fail. Wow.

But also that it is hugely exciting to know that you can learn to do all of these things, and more, yourself too. Things become second-nature, your skill set widens, your interests diversify…I wasn’t anywhere near as interested in dish-drying racks ever in my life as I was trying to find the perfect one during week two of living here!

Also, there’s a lot of paperwork involved in moving house. Keeping a folder handy for filing important documents and knowing where to find them is super helpful in those moments when you realise you’re an “actual grown-up” now and it’s your responsibility to pay for things that come out of taps and plug sockets. Get your favourite stationery involved so it feels less boring 🙂

More specifically, I’m having to get used to seeing a whole new level of road-kill in these countryside-ish ends. Blerrrrrrgh…not a sight I’m used to in London. Plus it reminds me every morning of a documentary I once watched in which I learnt that some people actively look for road-kill to eat for their dinner. Blerrrrrrgh again.

I suppose that leads on quite nicely to another major lesson I’ve learnt – and this may shock you so brace yourselves – there is a world outside London!! Growing up in one place, loving it and then leaving and not knowing if you’ll ever go back is a daunting thought and one which I tried not to entertain too much prior to moving but crept into my head from time to time. Living away from the bustle of the city is somewhat of a shock to the system – as is the size of the “big” supermarkets (tiny, for the record) – but I am beginning to appreciate tranquillity and not queuing up for 15 minutes in each shop, not striding down the high street willing people to move out of your way because you are on a mission, nor being on a mission because quite frankly what’s the constant rush all about? Sure, I miss the variety and choice of food, entertainment and people in London, I miss my family and friends, and I will always consider London to be “home home”, but starting a new little life here, with all the humongous changes and (un)anticipated challenges, with M, quite frankly feels like one of the best things I have ever done.

And whilst that doesn’t take away existing hardship, it certainly feels like a nudge in the right direction, which is the last little lesson I’ll leave you with – if you can create a positive space in which you feel safe, whilst accepting that change is inescapable, then that’s a pretty good foundation for whatever you decide to conquer next.

I can’t write. I’ve tried and I’ve tried but I can’t do it at the moment. Not in the way I would like to anyhow. Not even one of my Taking Stock posts.  Tiredness, distraction by other things, not enough reading, not enough imagining.

I’ve tried to put together pieces for this blog, I miss writing and I miss the cathartic value of putting pen to paper. I miss stringing together words in sentences which don’t sound basic. I miss having something to say. I miss knowing my tone and voice.

My routine is a tiring one, fulfilling in many ways, but harsh on other passions like this, like reading, like writing, like yoga. In this adjustment phase, each day is a single-lane road, my body exhausted and mind consumed. I’m not unhappy, I’m just not exploring much in the way that I used to. I’m unhappy about that but I’m working on it. I never put pressure on myself to post on here, I only ever did when there was something within me that could not be still. The words would spill out without even trying. So why should I worry about this inability to convey now? Is it just not the right time or place? Is this the end of my run here? Quite simply, it is unsettling because I have a hundred thoughts I want to share, and thousands of feelings that won’t quieten til they’re out, but no tool to paint them with.

Writing fluidly comes with practice, so step one is this post – not least because it doesn’t sound exactly how I would like it to. Step two will be picking up a book and starting there. I do believe that to be able to write, you must first read. Step three might come from your advice if you have any.

Thanks for bearing with me during the radio silence. I hope to be back properly soon.

T A K I N G // S T O C K

Making :: lots of lists of all descriptions

Cooking :: infrequently
Drinking :: cocktails, iced tea, water
Reading :: “Everyday Sexism” by Laura Bates; “Instructions for a Heatwave” by Maggie O’Farrell
Wanting :: things to go well
Looking :: at beautiful sights in Spain and the Basque Country; for a new flat
Playing :: endless games of “would you rather…” whilst wandering Valencian streets
Deciding :: on where to move to!
Wishing :: for the usuals
Enjoying :: exploring new places 
Waiting :: for move-in day!
Liking :: getting up and being able to do whatever we fancy that day whilst abroad
Wondering :: what I will do living in a county that doesn’t have a Wasabi branch
Loving :: “The Visitors” at the Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao – oh my goodness
Pondering :: how feasible it would be to start learning the cello given how awe-struck “The Visitors” left me
Considering :: whilst in Barcelona, on a scale of 1-10, how awful it would be if we didn’t have a flight home (answer – minus 1294814910)
Watching :: “Child Genius”; “The Great British Bake Off”
Hoping :: it’s all good!

Marvelling :: how awesome brunch options in Barcelona are
Needing :: furniture
Smelling :: sun cream, seafood
Wearing :: dresses, long skirts, Sketchers everywhere
Following :: Cath’s blog
Noticing :: more PR e-mails
Knowing :: my way around the Ikea website pretty professionally
Thinking :: overtime 
Feeling :: excited, content, sad, nervous
Admiring :: beautifully peaceful locations
Sorting :: through all of my belongings
Buying :: microfibre cloths, a vase, a double duvet, work clothes
Getting :: excited, stressed
Bookmarking :: recommendations in Spain; kettles; mattresses
Disliking :: ends
Opening :: good luck cards
Giggling :: so much at the concept of a Haim tribute band called Hm (who just hum)
Snacking :: on peaches
Coveting :: bed frames; trainers
Helping :: people with things I know about
Hearing :: the most gorgeous, tear-inducing exhibition at the Guggenheim – see above…this will probably get a post of its own soon enough given that I have mentioned it so many times in this post alone.


Are you also taking stock? Find previous editions here and the original source here.

God knows how many folders full of pictures I have sitting on my phone, iPad, laptop, memory sticks, external hard drive. Slowly but surely I am beginning to realise that as fantastic as it is being able to take a gazillion photos and store all of them on a neat gadget, by forgetting or not getting round to printing them I am effectively devaluing the photographs. What’s the point of them being tucked away on a device, only to be seen on a screen when or if I remember that they are there?

Like many, I took part in the 100 Happy Days project and chose to record this via Instagram. It made me think about the photographs that I took each day and how I shot them – resulting in some nicer than usual pictures I think as they had thought behind them.

With all of this in mind, I am making a more concerted effort to print my snaps and with the 100 Happy Days project, in particular, have a physical record of the little journey of happiness (or, you know, what the project symbolised personally). A quick scour of Twitter suggestions led me to a business called Inkifi who kindly gifted me a mini photo book full of photos that I could directly upload from my Instagram account to their website.

I’d never really tried printing Instagram photos before but having built up quite a collection of them, I hadn’t quite figured out where or how I wanted to display them so this photo book was an ideal solution. I envisaged popping it onto a bookshelf in my new flat, changing the page it is open on every now and then. You know, the kind of prop that visitors take a peek at when they pop over and you yourself enjoy looking through a million times over.

First impressions ::

Inkifi are a pleasure to work with – polite, helpful, prompt – and their products are evidently of high quality. As you can see in the photographs, the picture quality is lovely and the paper is pleasingly tough too. I like that they have developed their original roots in photography and web design and applied their passion to a newer medium too. Even more of a plus that they use environmentally sustainable materials.

What I love ::

i. that I have my recent favourite Instagram shots all in one physical place

ii. that I can flick through the book and look at the photos as though I am seeing them for the first time because having them off-screen is WONDERFUL

iii. that delivery was super speedy and free of charge

iv. the simplicity of the idea

v. the brilliant quality

vi. the community feel of Inkifi’s website (oh and they have a blog!)

Two little things that I wasn’t expecting ::

i. the book is smaller than I expected but then again I’m not really sure what I was basing my expectations on…perhaps the size I wanted them to be rather than any concrete facts. Not really too much of a problem, however, as I’m just used to its size now.

ii. the order of the photographs didn’t match the order I’d chosen them in on the website which, again, isn’t the end of the world, but did mean that a photo that I didn’t really want on the front on account of me being in a hospital bed is on the front. Upon ordering, I had arranged the photos in an order that meant something to my little journey through the last year or so, but you know, it’s not a huge problem – the book still looks lovely and serves the same purpose! Not a deal-breaker, but perhaps something to definitely check with Inkifi when you order with them, (and you definitely should order with them…stay tuned for the offer at the end!) especially if you are giving the book as a gift.

If you too are looking for lovely quality Instagram prints, I would highly recommend Inkifi’s range of products. As I mentioned above, delivery worldwide is completely FREE of charge. The photo book featured in this post can contain up to 50 photos. They also do huge posters, magnets, square prints, greeting cards and other bits and bobs. I think all of their products would make lovely gifts.

 :: Offer ::

Tempted? Perfect – Inkifi have kindly offered Fill My Little World readers 20% off  so just enter “bee20” in the discount box when you order. Wonderful!

Let me know what you usually do with your Instagram photos and if you order anything from Inkifi 🙂


As mentioned above, the photo book was kindly gifted to me by Inkifi but all context is genuine and all views are obviously my own!