So, in our family we try to see who can make the most creative gifts sometimes. This was a gift for my sister one Christmas. You see, our grandma – MaWini was a Flint night operator for years. She had these clip on earrings. I wanted to combine our love of art and something from our past to create a neat piece of art. I think I nailed it!
  Bought a cheap black frame with no glass in it. I sanded and spray painted it black.
 Rounded up some:
Funky glass beads
Hardwear and tools
Galvanized wire
Wire tools
Black carpet tacks
 This is Willie Wirehand. He is a clip on earring that belong to our MaWini. I wanted to base the art work around him. Our grandma use to wear these and I just wanted to create a fun memory and fun piece of art to pass down to our kids by documenting a little family history here for the kids of 1969 and 1965.
Soda cans
Cut ends off
Used dye cut machine at school to cut squares out
I have a corder rounding tool that I used to make the edges round
Assembled it and gave it to 1965!
I hope this inspires you to create something from a memory. This week has had me thinking about how we got so creative and why we love the things that we do. I do believe it is because of the influences of our parents and grandparents. MaWini died in 1987, but still lives strong in my memory. This week we lost my Father-In-Law, Tom Daniel (Papa). It got me to thinking about how much he supported my art from the age of 14. I will blog on this later on this week. Appreciate you stopping by…enjoy the Youtube! Yes, it is a blast from the past =)

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