Have you ever had that one teacher that just connected with your kid? Well, you know the saying it takes a village…Mary Frances is still very connected to a number of her teachers from PK-12 grade. Ann Danford is one of them. She taught MF when she was in 2nd grade. We have blogged on her before. I have listed the links for you to visit and see just how amazing of a teacher she is!
We were the recipients of this fabulous hand made tree out of clay. If you want to see more things handmade by Ann check out her Etsy store at
Giddy Up Ann

 This is Ann with MF in 2nd grade. Yes, she is retired now but that hasn’t stopped her from coming to many events for Mary Frances this year. She made it to her volleyball senior night. See link below:
Here is a photo of that village that is still around supporting MF.

She was at her recent signing to Rhodes College to play volleyball.

 This photo was taken during January of Mary Frances’ 2nd grade. Santa bought her Roy for Christmas. You see Ann and MF share the same love for lots of things and dogs and horses are 2 of them. We will never forget Ann dropping off a Christmas goody for MF that had a welcome to your new home puppy theme going on. Seriously, Ann you have made such an impact on our family. I am blessed and honored not only to call you my daughter’s teacher but “family”.

Look at her doing what she does best! TEACHING
You my friend are just the

These trees were made out of white clay coils.
They were fired. You can glaze them or use acrylics and spray a light coat of polyurethane on them. I am just in love with the way this tree has turned out!
We will decorate with it many years to come and I feel certain when MF gets out on her own, she will want it for her home.
We have blogged on Mrs. Danford before check out the links below. Best 2nd grade teacher that Mary Frances could have ever had! We still make her famous chocolate pumpkin muffins during Thanksgiving. What an influence you were to MF in 2nd grade and still are as she is a senior.
We even went to the stables in and did a photo shoot with her horse Rocky.
 This is by far one of my most treasured photos from second grade. It fits right in with my senior philosophy…Roots and Wings. Ann, you have helped us give Mary Frances some really deep roots with valuable lessons. Now she needs to spread her wings and fly with all we have taught her. 
Rocky is such a good horse.  I remember just how gentle he was with her all afternoon. Thanks for our Christmas Tree that inspired this whole post. We love you to  the moon and back.
XOXO – 1969
So, we all think this original Ann Danford looks like a tree that is straight out of Whoville. Watch the video below and see for yourself!
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