So, I saw this lesson on Mrs. Knight’s Smartest Artists Art Education blog. See link 
She saw it on Artsmudge another Art Education Blog
I love sharing on connecting online with my Professional Learning Network. Even though we basically taught the same lesson all of the owls turned out very unique.
We used white clay. Greenware to bisque was at 04 on slow. Bisque to glaze firing was 06 on fast. We use Stroke N Coat glazes.

Side note, I love creating owls. 1965 and I were both Chi Omegas at the University of Georgia. Chi O symbol is an owl…so yeah, I am partial to this type of lesson with this subject matter 😉
Art Club is a less formal time for kids to create this year in class. We have it 2x a week during 8th period. I have placed several owl videos in the blog for kids to get a feel of just how owls act.
I had to laugh at my 1 R2D2. Directions were to create a clay owl. This guy wasn’t feeling an owl, so he busted out some Star Wars. Ok, I can live with that…he turned out pretty cute! I just giggle everytime I think about it …Happy Friday, 1969
Kids love clay at all ages. This was a lesson where they needed to put a lid on their creation.
We started with a handful of clay.
They used the pinch pot method.
These were fired at 04 from greeenware to bisque.
Then 06 using Stroke and Coat to Glaze firing.