Everyone, Happy Christmas from my house to yours!

See the tree below?  Well this tree came to be because I could not get my family to cooperate and go get a real tree from the farmer’s market.  So this morning, December 22, I said to my son, “We are going to Walmart to get a tree.”

So here we go to Walmart at 8 AM.  We decided on a white tree with white lights.  We scooted out.  After we get home and get the tree set up, my daughter wakes up and is like, “NO!”

I knew that I had to come up with a plan.  I had wrapped all my presents in smiley face paper and I thoughts well, that is happy.
Then, I remembered that my daughter and husband had gone to meet an artist from Augusta, Georgia, that did happy art.
Here is a picture of the Happy artist, Leonard “Porkchop” Zimmerman with my daughter.  Click Here for previous post on Porkchop. We were doing a gift that included items from Augusta and Porkchop was kind enough to sign about 20 or so prints.  Porkchop met my family at the local coffee shop and signed in pencil, of course.
I illegally ran copies of Happy and shrunk 50 percent on the copy machine.  Then, I put red yarn on the art to make ornaments.  After that I used some painted paper to cut out “Happy Christmas”.

My daughter came in and smiled.
My husband came in and laughed.

Oh my son and I were so happy that Porkchop’s “Happy” had made our Christmas season so very Happy!

It is that time of year to undecorate, but I wanted to do one more Christmas art post.
9×12 drawing paper
Discuss the Element of Art: Line
How to create a drawn ornament using many different lines.
Pretty straight forward. Give it a try.
First Grade made these very large ornaments.  I think this is one of their favorite projects so far this year. 

I traced the round part on the bottom of a stool that had fallen off one of the art room stools. (oh yeah, we can make art using anything) 
I drew a square on the top of the traced circle.
I traced and cut out 16 ornaments.
I laid out the 16 ornaments on the table.
The kids used sponges and dabbed the sponges into tempera cakes and painted the entire ornament ONE COLOR.
Then, they used liquid tempera and dabbed with spouncer sponges on the ornament.
Lastly, we painted silver across the top of ornaments.

and we were done!

Have a look!
When we were done, the kids were so excited that they had paint all over their hands.  They wanted to get a picture with their rainbow colored hands.  Unfortunately, we did not because the teacher’s hands were rainbow painted and picture taking was not an option.  So folks, just use your imagination.  
Rolling Stones singing “Just my Imagination.”

We have blogged before on fused glass with middle school kids:
How to organize glass:
have kids cut and score 
Then place the glass piece on a piece of mat board
Write name under it
When I load in kiln, I give it a number so I can remember where to place it when firing is complete.
Place on kiln shelf with kiln wash.
Fire at full fuse R3.
Take out and clean edges up with glass grinder.
Be sure to use a sponge and clean off kiln wash from the back.
Hot water works best.
Use the high fire kiln wire to add ribbon in for hanging on a tree or where ever one sees fit in their home.
When I add high fire kiln wire, I use Elmer’s Glue and place another piece of glass over it so it will fuse to the glass itself.
Thanks for stopping by! 1969
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