So, in our family we try to see who can make the most creative gifts sometimes. This was a gift for my sister one Christmas. You see, our grandma – MaWini was a Flint night operator for years. She had these clip on earrings. I wanted to combine our love of art and something from our past to create a neat piece of art. I think I nailed it!
  Bought a cheap black frame with no glass in it. I sanded and spray painted it black.
 Rounded up some:
Funky glass beads
Hardwear and tools
Galvanized wire
Wire tools
Black carpet tacks
 This is Willie Wirehand. He is a clip on earring that belong to our MaWini. I wanted to base the art work around him. Our grandma use to wear these and I just wanted to create a fun memory and fun piece of art to pass down to our kids by documenting a little family history here for the kids of 1969 and 1965.
Soda cans
Cut ends off
Used dye cut machine at school to cut squares out
I have a corder rounding tool that I used to make the edges round
Assembled it and gave it to 1965!
I hope this inspires you to create something from a memory. This week has had me thinking about how we got so creative and why we love the things that we do. I do believe it is because of the influences of our parents and grandparents. MaWini died in 1987, but still lives strong in my memory. This week we lost my Father-In-Law, Tom Daniel (Papa). It got me to thinking about how much he supported my art from the age of 14. I will blog on this later on this week. Appreciate you stopping by…enjoy the Youtube! Yes, it is a blast from the past =)

Does this post sound familiar?  Last week, I posted “The Girl and The Guitar Gift.” (Check out The Girl’s Guitar Gift HERE)  I decided to take a spin off that title by using “The Boy and the Guitar Gift.”

Ever seen a guitar made out of a cigar box?  Well, here you go.  My son made this cool guitar for his dad for Christmas.  So how did he do it?
He locked himself in his room for a day.  He sanded and sawed (yes, in his bedroom!).  He glued.  He used tung oil to finish.
Check this video out for more detailed instructions The Easiest Way to Make A Cigar Box Guitar.

Here is the “Grand Opening”.

I love this picture with Rob’s big smile as Dad sees the guitar.

I have a few more pics with some details below.

As usual, I kind of messed up something.  Rob needed a cigar box.  We had one on our coffee table.  The cigar box was empty and just sitting there collecting dust.  I suggested he use the cigar box.  He did.  So, what’s the problem?  The cigar box was given to us with cigars when our daughter was born 20+ years ago.  Oops.

Why did Rob make this for his dad?  I have no idea.  Obviously, Rob has a desire to create and make things.  He makes music, lots.  Recently, the “art thing” has begun to evolve.

Rob making this guitar for his dad made his dad real happy.  Rob making art for his dad made his mom real happy.  It was a Happy Christmas at the Ray house. 

Then, we went to Minnesota ice fishing…But that is a story for another day!
Cold, I tell you.  Happy, but cold as ice.
Say wha?
Occasionally, I find myself saving weird things.  My grandmother passed away in 1987 and I inherited these 4 spice boxes.  The spice boxes are about 30 years old.  The Stick Cinnamon, Celery Seed, Oregano, and Ginger, (some with spices still in them) were in my spice cabinet until very recently.  Obviously, I did not use these spices.  You see, my grandmother was a great cook.  I have always thought that having her spices in my kitchen might improve my cooking.  Well, I have been cooking 29 years and no luck.  Notta.  So, I decided to pass on the 4 boxes to my family members in the form of art.
I purchased the small wooden boxes from Walmart.  (see below) 
First, I painted the boxes white.
Then, I used E6000 to attach the spice boxes to the wood. 
Once the spice box was secure, I painted random memories of my grandmother on the box. A standout memory is what she said after she finished eating one of her yummy, southern meals.  She always said, “This sho’ is good, even if I do say so myself.”  
I included other things about growing up with Ma Wini painting all around the box.  I have food, places, aunts, uncles, cousins, things, and even her phone number, as a tribute to the first Paula Deen.
Check out the spice of the oregano.  A whopping 23 cents!
It’s a NEW YEAR, everybody!
Listen to the Spice Girls and “Spice Up Your Life!”