It is that time of year to undecorate, but I wanted to do one more Christmas art post.
9×12 drawing paper
Discuss the Element of Art: Line
How to create a drawn ornament using many different lines.
Pretty straight forward. Give it a try.
I am not sure why these reindeer have moose antlers.  When you let kids freestyle, they tend to change it up a little.  I like change.  Change is good for everyone. 
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Directions for the project:

The kids drew their reindeer.  I encouraged them to chill on the details. 
They painted the background and then, the deer.
They used oil pastels to touch up and make snowflakes.
I like.
Some kids did not “ground” their reindeer, but that is okay because reindeer fly.  And well, Moosiefied Reindeer fly, too!

Here is Hozier “Changing Up” ‘Changes’ by David Bowie.

Run Run Rudolph was a great lesson. It was pretty simple and straight forward because I used this reference:
You can find more art by Claudia Loubier here:
You guys know how it gets this time of year and sometime it is nice to just have a go too lesson for good ole art education fun!
I think the reindeer turned out really well and they all have their own unique personality with many individualized details.
The watercolor resist sky is always one of my favorites!
This one did a fantastic job of smudging the oil pastels.
Such cool detail with the black snow flake effect.
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Merry Merry….1969