You see over the years, I have been involved in senior night for Volleyball. I researched several places to find funky art ideas for our special Volleyball Senior nights here at Maclay. This blog post is to share with you all some of what our creative parents have made. 
The first 2 photos are a shout out in appreciation for the support of MF from over the years. Above is 2Mama and her side kick Sally. They are always ever so wise in the realm of volleyball. Pretty much they have been there and done that at a young age or with their own kids. We appreciate all you have done for MF over the years!
Below is a photo of MF’s village. These folks met her in lower school and have always been her advocates. Amazing support from such a fabulous group of teachers. You all are the bomb-diggity!
Got to love the painted support from this guy. I think he has been at 99% of the games since 9th grade. Thanks HB for the support of #13!
Aren’t these just way super cool! Thanks Charisse and Jewel for making them for our seniors. This is a gift that will be treasured for a very long time.
We love the color and we really dig the lay out of MF’s volleyball. So stinkin’ CUTE!
Gina Weaver, you have a knack for the photographs and we love you for it.
For information on the collage numbers see the link below:
These cookies were created Katie Gainey of Katie’s Cakes and not only are they really artsy but delicious. Thanks, Katie for the special treats.

 Yet, again a Gina captures a special team photo around The Oak tree at Maclay. This photo will be treasured for many years to come. And a side note, is that as we are shooting Hurricane Hermine was on its way to Tally. What an eerie afternoon shoot. One I will never forget.
 GW, you know just the right moments to capture. These 2 make my heart smile. Thanks for all the memories captured by your camera.
 Thanks, Gina…love that Allison is all decked out in that PINK Tutu!!!!
Always love the group shots by Blue Canopy! She sure does capture the moment of these sporting events.

Tshirts created for our 5 seniors in 2012. Class of 2013
Fat Head / Bobble Head created for our 1 senior.
The back of the Fat Head.
Back of our Class of 2013 Volleyball Thsirt.
Fat Heads / Bobble Heads created for class of 2013
Both sides of the Fat Head / Bobble Heads
Thanks, Blue Canopy for these photos!
Super student body with lots of school spirit!
2016 Senior Volleyball shirts
2017 Volleyball Tshirts
Back of 2017 Tshirts
Senior Tshirts designed for our Class of 2016 Seniors
Look at that artistic ability! See, you have to have visuals for these events to make them more memorable!
Love this cake! It has artsyness flowing all over it! Thanks Jennifer Winegarder.
How to support our Maclay teams – with visual aids! Sings and Mini Bobble Heads
We all use social media to promote all kids of events and you must have art to help get your point across.
Above is the Fat Head Proof
Below the 2016 Fat Head Shoot 
Class of 2017

It has been a fabulous ride over the last 5 years on varsity. I have watched my daughter grow and become the athlete she is today due to the people mentioned in this blog and her coaches. Thanks to all for your creative ideas and for helping add those visual aids to a sporting even to make it a memorable time caught in our hearts and through the lens of Blue Canopy Photography.
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