So, I saw this lesson on Mrs. Knight’s Smartest Artists Art Education blog. See link 
She saw it on Artsmudge another Art Education Blog
I love sharing on connecting online with my Professional Learning Network. Even though we basically taught the same lesson all of the owls turned out very unique.
We used white clay. Greenware to bisque was at 04 on slow. Bisque to glaze firing was 06 on fast. We use Stroke N Coat glazes.

Side note, I love creating owls. 1965 and I were both Chi Omegas at the University of Georgia. Chi O symbol is an owl…so yeah, I am partial to this type of lesson with this subject matter 😉
Art Club is a less formal time for kids to create this year in class. We have it 2x a week during 8th period. I have placed several owl videos in the blog for kids to get a feel of just how owls act.
I had to laugh at my 1 R2D2. Directions were to create a clay owl. This guy wasn’t feeling an owl, so he busted out some Star Wars. Ok, I can live with that…he turned out pretty cute! I just giggle everytime I think about it …Happy Friday, 1969
It’s February and lots of folks thinking about hearts and L O V E!  The 5th Grade Art Club made these cool hearts and a BIG MESS!  As an art teacher, I do not have a problem with messy.  But, this splatter paint mess was a TOP 10 mess.  Less of a mess is always best. It keeps you in good with the school cleaning crew. 
Talk about Jackson Pollock.
Paint the background paper with light purple and light green.
Paint the heart with red, purple, blue and red with acrylic.
Then, splatter carefully. (or not!)
So, this post is about love.  I remembered a song by Donny Osmond called “Puppy Love”.  I have been wanting a puppy that looks like this:
I have a case of puppy love.  I am so in love with this blue roan cocker spaniel.  I have already named her, Bertie.  Maybe one day…
 Have you ever heard of the website Art Projects For Kids? If not, check it out here:
Kathy Barbro has some wonderful ideas for art lessons. This is one that I used for my 8th period, Art Club. I loved that the kids just ran with this project. Each cow has it’s own unique personality.
What is going to MOOOOVE you in 2017? Care to share? We would love to know what kind of art projects you have in mind to teach. Share with us in the comments below or Tweet to us at
You all know that our Dad, “Bobo”, taught us to love some Elvis Presley. With that being said…check out this of Elvis singing OLD McDONALD HAD A FARM…I am keeping with the  farm theme on this one 😉
Hope this post MOOOOVES you to get crackin’ and create something!
I found some really cool ideas from these places listed below:

Great visual instructions from Fru Billedkunst Blog

Love this example from Becker Middle School
This was a great flyer to use with my students from Kids Artists Blog….Thank you for posting!
I gave my art club the flyers. They took a gander and started to create. These are pretty spiffiy and I love all the colors.
This Op Art Tutorial is AWESOME!
Check it out, 1969

Art Club made Marbelized Paper!  Honestly, this project was the messiest project that I have ever done.  Also, it was probably one of the funnest projects that we had ever done.  Seriously, my room will never be the same.  The clean-up crew had to bring “the big, red machine” into my room to clean up the floors.  Oh boy!

I came across this project on Pinterest.  Check out the original project details here. Marbelized Paper Project Blog Thanks to The Chocolate Muffin Tree for such an awesome and detailed post.
I used the thick watercolor paper for the project.  I would say that thicker paper is advised.
First, we spread out shaving cream in large throw-away pans.
Next, we tried squirted food coloring in the shaving cream.
We swirled the food coloring with a toothpick.
We put the thick paper down and pressed it into the shaving cream.
We lifted the paper.
Then, we used old Itunes gift cards to scrape the shaving cream off the paper.
I would say that it is best to use fresh shaving cream for every project.
Have a look!
I loved this project, lots.  It was almost as fun as dancing on tables to this song in fraternity houses at the University of Georgia in 1983.
Art Club this past week created these funky birds. Everytime I looked at them all I could hear in my head was The Trashmen – Surfin Bird – Bird is the Word 1963. Once you take a listen to it you will understand why…tee hee

We used nasal aspirators for the base before for our paper mache.

 We applied paster wrap for our paper mache.

Each bird has lots of character. Each one is created with a different vibe!

Happy Friday!
Get Creative over you weekend…1969

The Trashmen – Surfin Bird – Bird is the Word 1963 (RE-MASTERED) (ALT End Video) (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Students were asked to create something that they wanted in Art Club out of clay….This giraffe is rather unique!
I had a few bowls that were created after the art lesson in class that week. Love the color scheme.
How about a Rhinoceros? Pretty clever with the speckled over-glaze.
This penguin is a hoot with those eyes! Lots of detail!
Classic coil pot. Over-glaze experimenting.
Clay pot with lid.
These turtles are a hoot.
Everyone loves a dog.
This was extremely clever…clay finger puppet!
It is nice to free create. Food for the artist’s soul. Enjoyed collaborating with these kiddos during Art Club. Super fun way to end my day on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Art Club rocks – 1969