I needed a fairly quick project before spring break, and this was it!  The third graders really enjoyed making these animal prints.  
We have posted on printmaking before, click HERE for previous posts.
Kids drew with a pencil on a small sheet of drawing paper.
Once they got a drawing, they took the paper and put it on top of the styrofoam plate.
Then, they put pressure on the drawing and it went through on the styrofoam plate.
They rolled.
The inked.
They printed.
Simple, but I liked the end results!
The favorite animal was the elephant.  It was the most popular choice of animal printmaking.  I like elephants just fine.  Here is a song about elephants.  A band called Love Tractor played this song at parties in Athens, Ga, in the 1980s.
Ken Pease, that is!  Of course, we all want peace in our classrooms, but this post is about Ken Pease, an artist from Tallahassee.  We have posted on Ken Pease several times.  Click HERE for previous Ken Pease Posts.
For this Ken Pease art lesson, I showed this audio book that I found on Ken Pease TropicalZombies Art on Facebook.  Slappy Green Gets the Blues Audio Book.  Although the lesson was for 6th Grade, they got a kick out of the book.  

I told my kids that my sister had worked with Ken Pease at her school.  Also, I showed my kids a piece of art that Ken Pease had done for me as a gift from my sis, 1969.
I teach 6th grade daily for a 9 week grading period.  The Ken Pease project was their first project of the quarter.  The kids did a great job and really enjoyed the subject.
Here is a Ken Pease “Jimi Hendrix” artwork.
I like Jimi.
Here’s Jimi.
“Bold As Love” is an amazing song.  Wow.  Listen on Vimeo.  No videos  on YouTube to share. 

According to a search I found, “It’s the estate, Experience Hendrix, which controls the rights to all his music. They scour the web constantly and have all Hendrix content that they can find removed.”

Click here to hear Jimi sing “Bold As Love”