I loved this project!  I found it at the cool blog, For the Love of Art, click here.

I chose to do this project with 5th grade.  For some reason, we struggled.  They did not seem to be able to endure the process.  I had a few that rocked it, though.

Kids draw design on 8″ x 8″ with pencil.
Kids dot.
The end.

Rock on!

Kyle does a super job at teaching value to our upper school art classes. See these links below for other examples to this lesson.
Here are links to other blogs that have taught value:
For more detailed directions on this particular lesson by Kyle Maurey please click the links at the start of this post for details and examples.
Value The lightness or darkness of tones or colors. White is the lightest value; black is the darkest. The value halfway between these extremes is called middle gray. Space An element of art by which positive and negative areas are defined or a sense of depth achieved in a work of art .
enjoy, 1969

Kyle, Maclay Upper School Art Teacher taught this lesson last year. See link below:
 The instructions are located on the Painting Project Rubric in the link above.
Again we have a fabulous Upper School Art Teacher at Maclay. I get to see all of the creative projects they do and so do my middle school kids! This lesson is a great way to teach our high school students about Value. It shows many facets of art. 
 Lesson Tip: Find a photo, use filters on phone to see how they look. There are many photography apps out now that allow you to manipulate digital photos.
I was most impressed with this lesson as everyone was successful at creating it. It is nice when you work in an environment and your Visual Arts Team’s enthusiasm is contagious to faculty, students and parents. Great job, Kyle and your Upper School students. Cathy, Kaitlyn and I are very lucky to have you on our team.

The third grade class planted sunflowers in the fall.  I decided to do a clay sunflower project to go along with the classroom lesson.  The sunflowers look amazing in person.  I sure wish one of my kids was a third grader.
I had the slabs precut.
I discussed slipping and scoring clay.
The kids designed the sunflower.
I fired the sunflower. 
The kids used acrylic paint to finish the sunflower.

Everyone loves sunflowers.  I think they are the “power flower”.  In art, Van Gogh made them a “thing”.  Photographers love them as a subject.  Baseball players love to eat the sunflowers in a dugout.
Here’s Glen Campbell singing about Sunflowers back in 1982.
Tim and Lisa Kluttz are a husband/wife team of artists.  Recently, we posted on the Kluttz couple.  For a look, click here. (Tim and Lisa Kluttz)
I gave the middle school (7th grade) students some examples of Tim and Lisa Kluttz artwork.
The kids drew their ideas with a pencil.
Then, they painted with acrylic paint.
Once the paint dried, the kids outlined their work with a sharpie.

As you can see, some of the students used the Kluttz examples, but they put their own twist on their piece of artwork.

Nice job, 7th Grade!  There are some exceptional artists in this group of kids. 

Patience.  It is hard for middle school to have it with their artwork.  It’s hard for adults to have it with their “lifework”. 
Here’s The Lumineers “Patience,” off their new album, Cleopatra (2016).  Short song, but I like it because I have been know to be impatient with songs.  The kids beg, “Let it play, Mrs. Ray.”
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