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I wanted to do some landscapes and perspective drawing with my 8th graders.  After several days of thought, I came to the conclusion that I could do both on the same project. 
We discussed perspective drawing and practiced for several days.
Then, I gave the basic landscape review.
The kids drew.
The kids painted with watercolor.
The kids outlined with a sharpie.

I really was impressed with the results.

There are a total of forty-four “I“s and eyes on this post. 
Here’s a song about Bette Davis’ Eyes by Kim Carnes.
I am not sure why this art activity happened with the 8th grade.  It was one of the last days with the students before Christmas.  The students wanted to dot paper.  They do love spouncers.  I love them, but I do not love washing them.  They “spouced” the dots on the paper and then, they thought these trees looked fun to do.  I gave them some paint and a credit card and they made trees.  The students cut the trees out and glued them on the dotted paper.
And…Here is the art.
The Pop Art Project with winter trees was just a relaxing project for the kids before exams.  All they needed was time to talk and do art without thinking too much. 
Need to relax?
Listen to Dave.  He is always good for providing a calming effect.

Ever used hot glue, let it cool, then colored it with sharpie?  Well, we did.  I read somewhere online (I wish I could find the source) that you could use hot glue like black Elmer’s glue.  We gave it a try and Wa-lah!  Have a look at the middle school project.

I talked a little about Romero Britto.  I showed some of his work.  We have posted on Romero Britto in the past.  Click HERE to see previous Romero Britto posts

I told the kids that the work would be displayed in the hall during Christmas.

The kids drew with pencil their plan for the project.

The kids hot glued all over the pencil marks.

The kids used a black sharpie and colored over hot glue.

The kids painted with acrylic.

The kids colored back over hot glue with sharpie to touch up.

Check these cool projects out!

Classic Christmas song by Coldplay
L O V E Coldplay
Need a bite to eat?  
8th Grade made these food collages.  A Couple of Watermelons, some Ice Cream, cupcakes, a carrot, popcorn, a taco, and a banana split!

The project took 5 or 6 days.  As you can see, a few of the kids got really creative.  Have a look!
No peach collages but here’s a great throwback song (1995) about peaches by The United States of America.